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Portage Bay



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Nicole72 • Resident 1997 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
I've lived in Davis since 1990, and at Portage Bay since 1997. It is by far my favorite place to live in Davis! Here at Portage Bay I've lived in two different 1-bedroom apartments (one upstairs and one downstairs) and now a 2-bedroom townhouse. The reason I lived in two different 1-bedrooms is because I moved out at one point to live with my ex- boyfriend for 6 months. When that didn't work out, I came right back to Portage Bay!!!<br><br>The management here goes above and beyond what I would expect, especially compared to what I've experienced here in Davis, which has NOT been bad at all. Jacque is the manager, and she has been here for over 10 years. She REALLY knows her stuff and is always on top of things, is extremely friendly, helpful, and professional, and is always open to suggestions as to how to make things better. In fact, each year, every tenant gets a survey where they can rate the complex and offer any suggestions or requests. Whenever something needs to be fixed in our apartment, it is taken care of immediately, and if it can't be, Jacque makes sure that we understand why. Sometimes it is beyond their control (for example, they may have to call the phone co. or PG&E) but they stay on top of it and it always gets taken care of in an acceptable amount of time.<br><br>The apartments themselves, although older than many other apartments in Davis, are in good shape, you can't hear your neighbors too much, and are well-insulated. My PG&E bills are never very high, even when I have the heat or A/C running often in the middle of the winter or summer. Contrary to what a couple of other people have said on this site, the carpets are perfectly fine. Every time that I've moved into a new unit, I've gotten new carpet. It's strong, quality carpet that is easy to clean when you spill something on it. I also like the color. I have NEVER had a problem with ants or cockroaches during the entire time that I've lived here. Cockroaches run rampant all over Davis, but I find that here at Portage Bay, if I keep my apartment relatively clean (it doesn't have to be ---- and span), the pests stay away. <br><br>The landscaping, other than the management, is my favorite part of Portage Bay. Just about every morning I wake up to peace and quiet and birds chirping. The landscapers come ONCE per week, and yes, they do make some noise in the morning, and of course that's to be expected. They do a BEAUTIFUL job. It actually feels like a resort setting here, with the palm trees and the good-size pool and jacuzzi, and many, many trees. And quiet. I can't emphasize that enough. It is SO QUIET and PEACEFUL here!!! There is NO other apartment complex in Davis that is comparable. My mom lives in a laid-back retirement community, but when she comes to visit me, she is blown away by the peace and quiet here! The only people who I wouldn't recommend Portage Bay to would be to people who like to throw raging parties. Although there is an occasional loud party here, the tenants are, for the most part, quiet and very respectful. Portage Bay is also very cat-friendly, which adds an even more cozy touch to the atmosphere. Jacque is very conscious about safety for the cats, especially when it comes to landscaping. The landscapers don't use products that could be harmful to pets.<br><br>The laundry rooms are always kept clean and are especially nice because they are the card-operated kind as opposed to the coin-operated kind, so you don't have to worry about collecting quarters! <br><br>There is also a sense of community here, and Jacque perpetuates that by having BBQs/pizza parties at the pool area a couple of times a year. It's a great chance to meet new neighbors or old neighbors that you have never met. <br>She also does a lot of other things as ways of thanking her tenants and to make it an even nicer place to live; for example, often during finals week she'll offer Pete's coffee for free in the office. She also always decorates for the holidays, which is such a nice touch, and delivers Thank You cards when you renew your lease. It is clear that she takes great pride in her job and cares greatly for her tenants' well-being.<br><br>This brings me to the crime issue. I'm not sure where these people lived before who say it's "high crime" here at Portage Bay, but I consider that a ridiculous comment. Once in a while a car is broken into here, but this happens all over Davis. When it does happen here, Jacque is ON it. All of the tenants are immediately informed so that they can be more vigilant with locking their cars and such. This is NOT something that she takes lightly. Also, both the grounds and the parking lots are very well-lit, and when there is a burned out bulb, it is replaced quickly. I feel very safe here.<br><br>I highly recommend Portage Bay!!!!
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Portage Bay

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