Renaissance Park Apartments

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Renaissance Park Apartments

3000 Lillard Drive, Davis, CA 95618
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Resident 2017 - 2019


This is the worst place I have ever lived. It is full of dust and bugs because it is not insulated properly and they will take your entire deposit. The drainage is always a problem. It costs a ton to heat and cool your house. They water bill will go up at almost consistent intervals. I even had my water bill go up when I was out of town for work for two weeks.

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    Resident 2019


    They turn the water off for maintenance regularly, often with less than an hour notice. My AC had been broken since the day I moved in, and every time I submit a maintenance request they send the incompetent maintenance guy, with no specialized training in AC/heating units, who inevitably deems nothing is wrong, despite the fact that the AC can't keep my apartment cooler than 80° in the summer. I have lived here for three years unfortunately (moving is expensive and time consuming), and have never had a good experience with management (reviews about the office staff being good are outdated- they replaced everyone like a year ago). Every summer my PG&E bill is $250/month because the AC has to be constantly running to keep my apartment from reaching 80°+. The units are old, there is asbestos in the ceiling, and it's often difficult to find parking after 9pm. Also, I had my bike on my balcony until they told me to move it because it isn't "patio furniture." I had it locked at one of their designated bike spots, and it was stolen. You can pay extra for a bike locker though! I know it's hard to find housing… See More>
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      Resident 2016 - 2018


      Don't let the stars above dictate my satisfaction with this apartment unit, for friendly, albeit ineffectual, staff are but a small pro when dealing with a resource that one would think should be a nonissue in any approximately $2000 apartment complex. The water is shut down -often, last minute, and with short notice if any. A few cherry-picked days in the life of a Renaissance Park Apartments in Davis tenant: June 28th, 2018: The water was scheduled to be turned off "periodically" from 10am- 5pm. The email notice was sent out at 8:46 AM the same day. Roughly over an hour before the scheduled shut off. The next day at 9:49 AM, another email notice comes in saying "Emergency shut off" from 10AM-5PM. A 10 minute notice. I wish I was kidding, but another email just came in at 5:30PM and guess what? The water will be shut off again tomorrow on Saturday, June 30th 2018 "periodically" from 9:00am to 5:00PM. Don't even get me started on the communication effort that was made when Drummond needed electric work and various days had scheduled power outages. The rest of this review is moot, for I'm sure you want running water with… See More>
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        Resident 2017


        Absolutely a disaster! The flats are expensive and very old. The isolation and the water are 2 serious problems in their flats. The management and maintenance are very inefficient. They always try to argue to don't process the maintenance requested. How does anyone live here for more than a year? I wanted to move after 2 weeks.

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          Resident 2015 - 2016


          Management and maintenance: It took well over a month for them to process our application. I usually hear back within 24 hours if not within the hour. We nervously awaited to see if they were going to approve us while all the other apartment complexes in Davis filled up and they sat on our $500 holding deposit. It almost felt like this was a tactic to get us to shop around elsewhere so they could keep our deposit and rent the apartment to somebody else. When we finally got approved and moved in I could barely find the keyhole to my apartment because the outside light had burned out. I was informed by maintenance that they only fix those lightbulbs when a certain number of them go out. They just handed out a letter saying that we cannot store our bikes on the balconies outside, which was quite frustrating to find out seeing how this is Davis and bike theft is extremely common. To sweeten the deal they built more secure bike racks for us to lock our bikes up on. They also offer bike lockers for $15 a month. Alas, the… See More>
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            Resident 2012 - 2013


            I moved in here a little over a year ago and love it here. The maintenance men are very quick and knowledgable. The gals in the office are very helpful whenever I need anything. The water does get shut off sometimes but almost always they send a notice out first. I would highly recommend this place to anybody looking!

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              Resident 2012 - 2013


              I would not recommend you to live here. There are always problems with the water. It is shut off at least once a month for them to "fix a leak." The air condition doesnt work well in the top floors. Place can be filled with fleas because there are so many pets around. I had to bomb my apartment twice to totally get rid of them. The apartment is old so cabinets are falling apart. The only good thing is there is plenty of parking.

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                Resident 2012


                Cockroaches, cockroaches, FLEAS

                Such a disgusting apartment complex. Lived here for 1 year and I was so glad when my lease was up. I didn't have any pets, but my neighbors on either side of my apartment had dogs and cats--in the summer months my apartment would become infested with fleas and I had to have the exterminator come three times to bug bomb the apartment. TONS of cockroaches all over the apartment complex and within the apartments too. Walk the hallways on your tour and you'll see their carcasses scattered everywhere. Management was a joke and would never respond to service requests.

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                  Resident 2011



                  now that I'm back in Davis.. I have to say that Renaissance Park has the nicest and most helpful staff. I have been in davis for the last 2years and i have to say that this staff is by far the best. Anytime that i had a question chelcie and robin were always there with an answer. As soon as i walked on to the property to take a tour i knew that i was home! This property is beautiful!!! The apartments are a great size too! I have amazing neighbors and i'm not far from campus either. So if your going to move somewhere in Davis move to renaissance park! Trust me the atmosphere,the people and the community amenities are amazing...

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                    prospectiveVisited 2011


                    So Excited to Live Here!!

                    I just put dont my fall deposit for the 2011 school year! I have to say after reading these post I find it hard to believe that anyone would write such bad things about this community. Chelcie took me on a tour and showed me the model and where all the community stuff was located, she was super knowledgeable and bubbly! I have to say that she has some of the best people skills! This seems like its going to be a great place to live! Im also excited that they are getting a brand new club house that will have a pool table, game room and FREE WIFI!!! Plus they have busline "W" that picks up in front of the property! what more could I ask for!! I also met the new Manager Robyn, she seems amazing and is super friendly! All I have to say is dont read the post below and make you decision! Trust that you need to go see the property and make your own decision! Just thought I would let you all know!

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                      Resident 2008 - 2010


                      Great Place to Live!

                      I have lived at Renaissance Park for the Last couple of years and I have never had any issues with the maintenace. In fact the Maintenace is very knowledgeable and has helped me out a lot. Yes it does get crazy here from the months of June to the end of September, but what do you expect its part of the Davis turn. People should realize that the staff can only do so much with the crew that they have and the time limit that they are given to get all the apartments ready. This is why they have work orders for things that need to be completed. I have to say that the ladies in the office now are very efficent and knowledgeable. So if you do decided to live here then look at the positives because it seems that a lot of negitive people are on here complaining when they should be talking with the management about.

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                        Resident 2010


                        Very little good to say

                        This apartment complex looks nice on the outside but is falling apart inside. The appliances are cheap and break often. The maintenance will supposedly "fix" them and they still don't work. The management is very shady and offers deals to entice people, but then don't follow through. As soon as you sign a lease, they don't do anything for you. They will get as much money from tenants as they can and capitalize on the fact that people don't want to move. As soon as you are here they will keep raising the rent. The water is shut off at least a couple times a month due to "water leaks..." When it rains, you have to wade through ankle deep water to get to your front door, if you are on the ground floor. Upper level apartments are insanely hot and air conditioning rarely works. NOT a good place to live.

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                          Resident 2010


                          Worst time of my life

                          This has by far been the most loathsome experience I have ever had in my life. To begin, maintenance ignore your work requests the first time and second time. The AC is so weak and ours broke not once, not twice, but five times this year. The dishwasher runs all day unless you manually stop it. Our shower water and sink water sometimes comes out brown. When I questioned maintenance about this, they said there was nothing they could do. Our shower faucet broke out from the wall twice this year. Our doorknob to the front door is about to fall off. Don't bring a bike here because you can guarantee it will get stolen. I've had two bikes stolen this year. I found one in my next door neighbor's balcony area. If you leave your door unlocked while you're home watching tv, the neighbors take it as an invitation to come in. I've done my laundry at the laundromat more often than at the apts because the washers are often broken. One of the steps upstairs is about to fall through. If you step on it, you're likely get a leg injury.

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                            Resident 2010


                            steer clear

                            We lived here for a year and it was terrible. The air conditioning is not powerful enough to ward off the hot Davis summer, or late spring and early autumn for that matter. That's when the air conditioning actually worked. You try to get cool air in the morning by opening the windows, but then the gardeners use the blowers right outside and fill the apartment with exhaust and dust. There was a dangerous gas leak in the apartment that took them weeks to detect and correct. There is a handy-man that tried to fix everything; nice guy but he's not up to the task. The front office is run by young women who are, to be frank, not too bright. One time when the heater went out in the middle of winter I asked them if they had a portable space heater to get me through the night and they acted as if it was a ridiculous request. When I stressed that it was near freezing and that I had no heater, they said, "Well, what are we supposed to do about it?" And despite leaving the apartment cleaner than we found it, they deducted an arbitrarily large amount… See More>
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                              Resident 2009 - 2010


                              Renaissance Park: simply PAINFUL

                              In my experience Renaissance Park is an horrible place to live. I have been living there for 1 1/2 months, despite my 3 months contract: I left because living in that apartment was PAINFUL. First of all nobody checked the apartment before my move in, so the heater was not working (it was December), both bathroom and kitchen sinks were leaking, the dishwasher was spitting out water from the kitchen sink, carpet not new and walls not painted: it was a mess. The maintenance guy fixed the heater with some tape pretending it was fixed and 10 days passed before the sinks were fixed. Moreover you cannot imagine how the apartment was dirty: just to have an idea the bathroom was so disgusting that in order to clean it I had to mop up walls and ceiling with bleach. Every time it was raining my patio and my front door were flooded. The apartment ceiling was the 'pop corn' stile, built before '70, which means risk for very severe lung diseases if you inhale it. The parking lot was very dark, the only two existing lamps broke during a storm and never replaced. Just to finish, some… See More>
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                                Resident 2010


                                simply wonderful......

                                I have recently moved here and really like the atmosphere with the community and complex. The office staff is extremely nice and very helpful. Having the water,sewage and garbage included is a very nice plus as well.

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                                  Resident 2007 - 2010


                                  i live here

                                  I live at renaissance park right now and i have to say things are starting to get better and better! tenant are responsible to pay there own utilities,however, the office staff are in the process of having the water, sewer, trash at a fix rate. once this takes place and they get wireless in there amenities then in my opinion it would be the perfect place to live. during the time I've lived here i have not heard of any vandalism. they always throw really nice resident functions as well!!

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                                    Resident 2009


                                    renaissance park is aweaome

                                    i lived at renaissance park for 12 years and had a good experience there. close to shopping and the freeway and it is very quiet there. well maintained th management is very responsive to tenant needs and the maintenence staff is top notch.

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                                      Resident 2009


                                      good place to live, great location, ample parking

                                      This is a pretty good place to live. It is quiet and there is always parking available. You have street parking also, which is very close to some of the entrances. Close to freeway and Safeway shopping center, which is good for you to bike to. Pool is always nice and clean. Management is helpful and nice, they usually respond to you pretty quick. The maintenance guy is always responsive and willing to explain any issues to you. I would recommend this place to live I have lived here 3 years now and have not had any problems.

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                                        Resident 2006 - 2009


                                        Decent place to live, although a little overpriced

                                        Pros: Spacious, relatively new apartments, few undergrads, quiet neighborhood, management responsive to things like maintenance requests (although they sometimes mess up more complicated things, like rent payments with credit card), close to Safeway (although nothing is really far away in Davis), generally well kept grounds, ample parking Cons: Have to pay for water (adds another $30-50/month, in my experience), water bill is determined by how much your building (not just your unit) uses, which cuts down on the incentive to conserve water, only two washers/dryers in each laundry room, so it can get backed up on weekends, really dark parking lots at night (Davis is pretty safe, I think, but you could probably trip and hurt yourself or something on the curb in the dark), inefficient heating/cooling units can cost a lot to run during the summer

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                                          Resident 2008 - 2009


                                          Pretty good place

                                          I know a lot of people say the management is rude, but I assure you, those people are just internet trolls. As soon as I moved in my car broke down(still in the shop) I moved for school, had no friends, no family, know nobody and school didnt start for 5 days. The management found out about my situation and surprised me with lunch. It is kinda loud, but there is a quiet from 10PM-8AM rule and I have yet to hear anyone break it. If you need it quiet just try and get an apartment away from the pool/play area. Less kids. The grounds are very well kept and the maintenance guys are great. But stuff does happen but they are on it as much as they can. I admit the cat walks were crap when I moved in. But they are now brand new and looking great. Parking sucks. There are a lot of college students here. Some have 4 per unit and there is no assigned parking. So first come first serve. If not, hey best of luck. Also if you go to school in Sac or West Sac you need to walk to a bus stop 2 miles away.… See More>
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                                            Resident 2007 - 2008


                                            Worst Apt Management Ever!!!

                                            Do not rent from Renaissance Park! They lose rent checks and will not pay for the stop-payment of the checks that they lose! They also do not repair things within the apts! I had a water pipe break and they let my apt flood for 3 weeks before they hired a certified plumber...and they only hired a plumber because I threatened them with a law suit! It may be a cheap apt complex...but it's not worth saving the $$$! The walls are also unbelievably thin! There are a lot of kids in the complex and they yell and make noise all day!!!

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                                              Resident 2006 - 2007


                                              Too Dark and Frequent Water interruption!

                                              it's too dark during the night, especially the parking lot. the water interruption is like once a week or so, and you pay $50 for water every month!!!

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                                                Resident 2001 - 2007


                                                Well maintained community!

                                                I've been a resident for the past 4 years. I recently renewed my lease for the next year. I can honestly say that I've enjoyed my stay here at Renaissance Park! Not only is there always ample parking, but the maintenance staff has always been very accommodating in completing any maintenance requests that I may have. My schedule is very hectic, but I prefer to be home when I have anything done to my apartment, and they've always worked around my schedule which is very convenient! As far as management, there has been a few management staffs here, but the current management staff is absolutely great! They are not only very professsional, but they are always friendly and very positive. I never really bothered to stop by the clubhouse in the past, but now I stop by every once in while to grab a cookie or a refreshment. Another thing that I think is nice is that the management staff celebrates residents birthdays by giving a card, balloons and a gift card on your door. My birthday wasn't too long ago, and after a long day of work, coming home to a sweet gester definitely put a smile on my… See More>
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                                                  Resident 2005 - 2007


                                                  Avoid this place like the plague

                                                  This place is a total nightmare.<br><br>There is virtually NO PARKING available after 5pm. People are forced to park illegally, making the parking lot almost impossible to navigate. I have complained several times over the last 2 years, however Management refuses to do anything about it.<br><br>Second, this place is very noisy. Gardners and construction workers make lots of noise starting at 8:00am. Additionally, Management does not enforce the pet policy. As a result, there are lots of large animals (dogs) that make lots of noise. Furthermore animal feaces is everywhere. its disgusting. <br><br>Maintenence is also poor. It took them nearly 1 month to fix my air conditioner during the summer when the temp. exceeded 100 degrees. They still have not properly fixed my front door, making the apartment unsafe and lacking in decent insulation. As a result my PG&E bill is always high.<br><br>Additionally, management has been a pain to deal with. The current management at this complex is extremely rude and un-professional. They are not interested in, and have NO authority to resolve any of the conflicts associated w/ the complex and they do not even return basic phone calls. … See More>

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