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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
I'm in my second year in our 4 bd/2ba townhouse. The design of the unit is fantastic, the location near the park and Safeway is wonderful, and parking is never an isse unless people have a huge party (which is rare). However, that's where the fun stops.<br><br>We had rats from mid-Nov 05-Mar 06...at one point we had no heat because the heater wires were chewed through by the rats. The heater guy they called never came, and eventually I yelled at them in their ofice on a Friday night to get someone to our unit as nighttime temps were below freezing. I also woke up one night wth a rat 6 inches from my head...I try not to think about the fact that if I hadn't woken up it could have jumped into my bed and bitten me.<br><br>The rat problem returned this past August much worse than before. (I should state we are very clean and don't leave out anything to entice them in) Rats were pooping all over our kitchen and living room. They managed to get into a lot of our food. Worse, we could hear them in the walls at night next to our heads. At one point the exterminator used poision, which was fine until we had dead rats in our walls. They checked a couple of the walls and said there wasn't anything there, though we find that hard to believe as 2 days later we had maggots fall out of the wall onto our stove. Yes, maggots. We've caught 5 rodents so far with traps/poison, and the problem seems to have subsided for now (though it tends to go in waves). For the amount we're paying, this should not have to be an issue. We are currently negotiating a deal with the management to hopefully get out of our lease early and get out of cleaning charges for our deposit, as most of the damage is dirty carpets from maintenance being in our units all the time for rodent issues.<br><br>Bottom line, this place is far too expensive for what we've gotten. We understand rodent issues take time to resolve, but the fact that we've had a problems for over 2/3 of our tenancy is ridiculous and unacceptable. If they don't offer us a decent amount of compensation we plan on taking them to small claims court.
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