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Tennis Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
As some of you may have picked up from other comments about these apartments, there was a murder in the tennis club apartments last year. It was the first murder in Davis in six years and many residents were traumatized into moving out. Had the apartment complex had security cameras, the murderer and his accomplices may have all been caught. But there were no cameras . . . and there still aren't. The old manager of the complex spoke to the owner to try to get some sort of cameras (or even fake cameras) put in. The owner ignored this request as well as the request to have fire sprinklers installed. And he wonders why he has such trouble filling in empty apartments! In fact, he puts the blame for the lack of new renters squarely on the shoulders of the manager and the current tennants. He fired the old manager (although he was flakey at times, he was much more friendly, down-to-earth, and reliable than the new manager). To make matters worse, a couple of friends that live here have informed me that he "has trouble filling apartments" because of objects visable from their apartment or because they store their vehicle in their own parking spot without being driven for two months. The owner here needs to get a clue and dish out some money to improve the conditions. Get a clue buddy . . . no change here so far has been for the better! Don't rent here . . . if you value your safety and freedom.
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Tennis Club Apartments

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