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Westpark Apartments



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
The owner of this property (and over 1,800 units in East Palo Alto) is Page Mill Properties. Their management company, now called Woodland Park Apts. actually has an office at West Park Apartments. There are a lot of things you should know before renting ANY apartment or house from this company, and as they own approximately HALF the City of East Palo Alto, 5 Newell Court is just one of the many buildings they own (all on the west side of the 101 Freeway). Educate yourself - the fact speak for themselves: www.epa-tenants.org The rent is unreasonably high, especially when you see the condition of the units/homes themselves, the lack of security, and the fact that the company has continued to raise the rent higher than the legal maximum according to the City and Rent Stabilization Board. While they are desperate to fill the VERY HIGH amount of vacant units currently (summer 2009), and may be offering good deals momentarily, this is a complete 180 degrees from their record of unreasonably high monthly rent and fees. Consider that the majority of tenants that have moved in during the past few years are stuck paying $50 just to park in their building's lot! And paying $50 for utilities, on top of already paying their own PG&E for gas and electricity. If you happen to be struggling financially, or just forgot, the Late Fee is $100 for being even one day late. Does this sound like somewhere you want to live? Any improvements made by Page Mill Properties/Woodland Park is purely cosmetic. Talk to the tenants to hear what kind of awful conditions they live with INSIDE their rented apartments and houses. Tenants cannot get maintenance to come out to their units - some go without running water, without a working stove/oven or refrigerator, without a heater in the winter, leaks in the ceilings, floors coming apart, mold taking over large areas making family members sick, and that is a SHORT list of ongoing problems for tenants. IF maintenance comes out to fix the problem, they will leave before finshing, do a low quality job, or NOT COME OUT AT ALL despite tenants who make repeated requests. DO NOT repair it yourself and expect them to reimburse you, and if you withold your rent because of the substandard, even dangerous health conditions, they may evict you for it. The company has cut Security recently, though it never did inform it's tenants of that fact. They notoriously do not communicate important things to the tenants who are left to try and figure out what is happening, and how to improve the situation. There are less than 10 buildings that have an on-site mangager. NO ON SITE MANAGER to keep an eye on things, keep the tenants/families safe, no one to contact when things go wrong, etc. There is a lot of important information at www.epa-tenants.org See for yourself, educate yourself and others about a company that is often referred to as slum lords, and for good reason. The facts speak for themselves.
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Westpark Apartments

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