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Park Pointe



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
Maintence is about as inept as you can get. We had our A/C Unit in the apartment leaking about a gallon of water every couple of hours onto the carpet. There solution on fixing it was to vacume the water out of the A/C unit so that it dosen't do it for another couple of days. <br><br>Also we live in the fist floor, well the shower from above us was leaking into our bathroom, A hole appeared and water started flooding down into our appartment. When the Maintence guy showed up to fix it he literally asked " So do you want us to paint over it or what ?" I looked at him stunned and replyed "NO, I want you to fix the problem" so he left the apartment saying he would be right back, the next day returns and says the people upstairs had there bath tub full of water, that was the problem. COMPLETELY FORGETING ABOUT THE HOLE IN THE CEILING. ITs still there 2 months later.<br><br>Lastly the walls are so thin we can hear what show our neighbors are watching. Let alone hear them haveing sex. For a couple of fat asses they are sure active. Or watch a lot of porn. Needless to say its really gross and You generally don't want to talk to your neighbors after the night before hearing them have sex its just awkward.<br><br>The grounds keepers are amazing they work very hard and its shows, so if you like a clean yard but don't care about your liveing conditions or listening to every foot step of your neighbors, its for you, but if you care more about your saftey and privacy STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE
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Park Pointe

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