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Terraza Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
Besides the horrendous noise I have to put up with from my inconsiderate neighbors, another big downfall in these apartments is the A/C. I'm not sure if you've lived a summer in El Cajon, but the one wall A/C unit barely cools the living room, let alone the 2 bedrooms in the back of the house. We even had bought fans and we still woke up every night sweating. When they show you the apartment and say "this one unit cools the whole house", don't believe them, they are lying. <br>There is a huge cricket problem too. I think they are infested in the walls because I hear crickets all day and all night, even with my windows and doors closed!! <br>I agree with the other comments, the parking situation does suck. If you are not home by 3pm in the afternoon you will not find an open spot, not even on the street. My husband and I have spent many nights driving around until a spot opens up. And if you do want to reserve a spot you have to pay an extra $35!! I already pay enough, I don't want to pay more. Beware of neighbors at this place...there are some that appear to be living out of their garages and management never does or says anything!!! I've put in so many complaints about all of the above and their response to me was "be patient we are taking care of these issues"!! This place is the pits!!
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Terraza Hills

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