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The Village at Town Center



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
Now that we have been out of the Village for a while we realize we don't feel like crap every morning and I dont have to use afrin every night to clear my nasal passages. There must be some heavy duty toxins around there. They do have signs stating there are chemicals used about the property that can impair your reproductive heath, but somehow I did not take it all that seriously. Wheather it is the Bart dust, chemicals, poor ventlation or the perfect storm of the 3, if you value your health, live somewhere else GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!! I knew I was in for a short term rental here but it is not short enough! We moved in and were given a compact parking space for our full sized car. We were told by the office you are not allowed to change parking places. I asked the manager to escalate to "her people" as this is unacceptable. They have one maintenance guy who is out with the Flu and the general attitude is that once they have your money, service is a low priority. If you are in a pinch it is at least clean, relatively new and secure. You do hear the bart nearby but it is not a huge annoyance.
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The Village at Town Center

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