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The Village at Town Center



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
We knew we were not going to make a home here but needed a place quickly as we just returned to the area. The model apartments looked nice enough. When you look more closely, you notice what crap everything is made of. The noise from bart and the very poor air quality are two big turn offs. Each week when I would wipe the window sills I got a black rag. The office ran hot and cold regarding handling issues that came up, mostly they took care of everything, sometimes graciously and others with some attitude; we were given a small space that we could not fit our car in and we were just given "Well that is the space that comes with the apartment". had to rag on everyone up to the VP of the company before we got any action, (over 2 months) Perhaps the worst part is the ------ behaviour of many tenants; yelling across the courtyard which is like an echo chamber to the young mom who takes her little girl out to play there because she is too lazy to take her to a proper park. Not alot of consideraton for ones neighbors there. the result is you keep your windows closed most of the time which during the hot days is oppressive. There is no AC and poor ventilation. And, there will be ants. They have a terrible ant problem that seems to go from one place to another when they come to spray. They live in the walls and we saw them coming out of our outlets. We spent the whole time there wishing we were just about anywhere else. They did have a gym that is pretty handy. The courtyard had some serious ------ lights that come through your windows at night. That was a real treat. We would have to say it was the worst place we have lived.
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The Village at Town Center

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