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The Village at Town Center



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I thought I should post a review because like the person below said, not enough happy people post. If you're looking for a really nice place to stay, The Village is pretty cool. My fiance and I moved in almost a month ago and we love it so far. The first thing that's really noticeable is the staff. Everyone is really nice. The people in the front office are really welcoming. I'll never forget that the repair man helped us because we couldn't find the leasing office, though its pretty easy to find. When he introduced us to the property manger he introduced us by saying, "We have new neighbors." The parking is great. I park outside of the gate and my fiance parks inside. The walk to our cars is almost the same distance. Its really spacious, washer and drier in every unit, and a dish washer. The Bart is pretty loud. We're one of the closest units to it. It's more than bearable with the windows closed, but if they're open it can get annoying. Either way, that obviously doesn't stop us from liking the place any. It also gets a bit hot in the apartment. If there's any breeze we're okay, but sometimes its a bit much. However, we're on the third floor and heat rises. After we get a fan things will be okay. Best of all, the place is quiet! My fiance is a grad student, I recently graduated grad school, and most of the people around here have some college alumni sticker or are older. Again, it's quiet! I love it. We both have a 20 minute commute to Oakland everyday, but the freeways are really accessible. We're obviously near a Bart stop for those who don't drive. Lastly, San Pablo is a great street. Lucky's, Trader Joes, Jamba Juice, Mac Grill, Starbucks, FedEx, Safeway, CVS, Game Stop, and a lot more are all a 5 minute drive away.
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The Village at Town Center

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