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The Village at Town Center



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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I moved into the apartment in October 2006 30 days later the Manager entered into my apartment without permission or notification that they were entering the unit. The unit below me had water stains on the ceiling. No big deal however please let me know you are coming into the unit.They did discover a leak and had to go into the wall to repair the leak. The maintenance guy patched it up and left oil stains on the carpet with the promise that he was going to come back and paint. He also promised to have a professional cleaner clean the carpets. 2 weeks later while I'm not completly dressed the Manager was entering my unit again without calling or posting a note on my door to perform a mold test due to the leaky pipes. (loser) Not only was she present but the maintenance guy and the mold tester was in tow. (the elevator does not go to the top floor). In January I come home to a soaking rug due to the washer motor going out and flooding my apartment. They call the carpet gut to suck up the water but when he puts the carpet back down he does not secure it. Now it's lifting from the wall. I call the maintenance guy who never cae back to paint the wall or clean the carpet to fix the problem. It took a month to get the washer fixed. I finally decide enough is enough and purchase a home. I give my 30 day notice to vacate and request that they provide the pro rated amount that I owe them to pay the rent. one day goes by no reponse 3 days go by no response I finally call 5 days later to find that the Manager has began the eviction process. Why me, I call the attorney who says I owe them 3,000 dollars. Wait a minute I gave a 30 day notice and requested prorations. i had a positive credit from last months rent so that should tell you I was not late on any payment now how can you evict someone who's vacated the premises. I call the Manager who refuses to speak to me. Her attorney is unresponsive and the only thing I can think about is my credit. My brother goes and talks to the Manager who tells him the only reason why I sent your sister to the attorney is due to her bad attitude. (WOW) To sum up the story I paid the money because I can't afford my credit to have any dings on it. I caution you (ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK THERE ARE PROPERTY MANAGERS LURKING IN THE ALLEYS) P.S. You can hear the bart run every 15 minutes and it's LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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The Village at Town Center

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