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Terracina at Elk Grove



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Office Staff
HnestOpinion • Resident 2008 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2012
Im not an employee - I actually live here and thought I would let other people know my honest opinion. I really like it here. I wont go and say this is the best place ever but its not bad at all. All of the apartments have had new kitchen appliances installed in the last 4 years as well new exterior paint, new paved parking lot, updated bathroom vanity and bathroom doors installed also. Theres more but I dont know it all. It seems that right around the time I moved in, they were really trying to vamp up the place to make it nicer - and they did. Walls are thick, rent is fairly priced, staff is good and the washer/dryers are good priced/sized. Since it is considered, "Low Income" you will have the scary looking people walking around but I have never had any issues worth mentioning. This place is quiet and nice. The gym has 2 stationary bikes and 1 elyptical which is good enough for me - oh and a TV which only gets about 20 channels but thats good enough for me too. I never swim in the pool - its small and during the summer there are always about 10-15 people out, which is fine but I like peace and quiet when Im at the pool... and unless its early on a weekday, that doesnt usually happen. My favorite part is the mature trees and shade I get. I love my privacy and really have no complaints. Every apartment has bad things happen here and there so i wont mention the little things but if I had to think of something negative, I'd say that the one thing this place lacks is space. My 1 bedroom is only 605 sq feet. The bedroom is a good size and the walk-in closet is HUGE but for hosting guests, its smaaalll. Well, thats my honest opinion. If you are interested in living here I suggest you check it out and talk to Michelle in the office. She is great, too.
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Terracina at Elk Grove

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