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Vintage Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2014
I lived in the apartments for a year. At first it was nice, but everything slowly started to fall apart. The doorknob broke and we called the maintenance to come fix it. We were told that they will be over in 10 minutes, but it took them to an hour to come. It was freezing & we didn't expect it to take that long since they lived within the apartments. The carpets were absolutely disgusting & stained. There was cat hair everywhere in the cabinets when we moved in. We had a dog and this lady had a ton of cats and her cats would always go on our balcony and harass our dog. When we complained to the manager she said it's not her problem. The pool seemed clean until I took my younger sister to swim and she comes out crying because her foot is bleeding. I go in the pool to find out there's glass when I told the office they did nothing to get it out. We also had a boat there in the back. We went to take our boat out and everything inside of it was gone. Security did nothing and continued to say it's not their problem. I was harassed greatly there by the security, maintenance, and manager. I left to see family in Canada and the manager kept calling my mom saying I was in the pool smoking & swearing & throwing cigarettes everywhere. The manager thinks she can do whatever she wants & she let out our private information to the lady that lived below us & the lady told everyone we were getting kicked out only when our lease was up. The manager doesn't even have a license to be able to work at the apartments, she works under someone else's name. The staff sits in their apartment & get high all day then when the staff had a bbq they were all drunk & the manager had her ----- flying everywhere. It was an awful experience to live there. I do not recommend it to anyone. They are completely unprofessional & have no clue what they are doing.
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Vintage Creek Apartments

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