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Artistry Emeryville



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
You can see for yourself what the rental agent didn´t show you. Go to www.emerybaynews.com and read the details and look at the pictures. A few of the problems were fixed, most of them were not. New problems such as broken security doors and endlessly ringing trouble alarms have occurred in the meantime. And, things that were "fixed" such as the mess all over the parking areas are starting to return. Management here is too dumb to understand that dirt has to be swept up regularly, not just once when someone is watching. In a little time it will all look the same as before--filthy. <br><br>The management here is very hostile and confrontational. They seem to dislike and resent the tenants. Notices are put on all the apartment doors rudely demanding that the rent be paid more promptly or stating that someone will be entering your apartment at a certain time, like it or not. These notices sometimes threaten to evict any tenant found commiting a minor infraction such as dropping a cigarette butt off the balcony. Of course, people shouldn´t do that but it happens once in a while. Why not be polite? Point out that it´s inconsiderate and let it go at that. Why threaten everyone when only a few tenants are involved? Many of the cigarette butts are dropped by workmen and "security" guards, not tenants. This particular notice even invited tenants to become anonymous informers, turning in other tenants. What kind of twisted way is this to behave? These notices are also an invasion of privacy and a breach of security because they remain on your door to announce that you aren´t home. Or, if they´ve not on your door, that you probably are home. Management here simply doesn´t know anything about how to manage. <br><br>The parking areas are dangerous. The noise level everywhere is high. The landscaping is ugly and neglected. When it rains huge puddles that don´t drain appear on the walkways, in the parking areas, and in the stairwells. The stairwells are dirty and smelly, as well as wet and unsafe. Too many strange people wander around with no business here. It´s not safe. The security "guards" have a constant don´t bother me attitude. The laundry rooms are full of trash. The hallway carpets are so dirty it´s obscene. They are never cleaned! In fact nothing is cleaned. All they do is rearrange the dirt and spray some nasty aerosol deodorant around. There is one exception--they do mow the grass. They do so several times a week early in the morning right outside your window. Then they run leaf blowers and spread toxic evil-smelling weed killer. The buildings are made out of spit. You can practically see through the walls. You can certainly hear through them, and through the ceilings. These are all poorly insulated wood frame buildings. Old appliances keep breaking. The water pressure is too low. The water is often too cold and it´s always noisy because the pipes are too narrow. There is pair gain on the phone lines here meaning that you can´t run a high speed modem, if that matters to you. The outside areas are covered with snails, bugs, spiders and other pests that never get cleaned up. There´s almost nothing in this neighborhood except a bad bookstore and a bad food court with slimy food--it´s like eating in a bus station. This is a factory area. There really isn´t any neighborhood. Some polluted wasteland was reclaimed for an apartment complex. It´s best not to allow "service" people into your apartment. They make things worse because they are not trained workmen. Management is too cheap to train them. The service response is never. Maybe if you demand something six times you might get a response in a month or two. There is no security. The doors are always open or broken. The office staff are some of the most unhelpful and uncaring people I have ever met. Every now and then you´ll run into a leasing agent you´ve never met who has some prospective suckers in tow. She´s just told them a whopping lie such as "the trains only run twice a day" (They run twice an hour, 24 hours a day, and they´re loud!). She gives you a cheery hello to demonstrate what a friendly place this must be. That just about sums up this place. Hello from someone you´ve never met, who doesn´t know your name (or you hers) and who is busy telling lies a mile a minute to con some people into renting. Please don´t fall for it. The rent for all this mess keeps going up. They charge first class rent for a tenth class property. You don´t want to live here. Go somewhere else. Anywhere else. <br><br>P.S. The previous person on this list liked the view. That´s swell if you have one. Very few apartments here do.
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Artistry Emeryville

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