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eastbay99 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
We have lived here for 2 years and there are pros and cons to this complex. We have a 2 bed, 2 bath unit which faces the shopping complex parking lot. The apartments inside are clean (at least ours is) and well maintained. We bought our own washer\dryer so we don't need to use the shared laundry room. Having that option was great. They just upgraded the laundry room with new machines so it is much nicer now. <br><br>The apartments inside are nice, modern, and seem to be built well. We haven't had many problems and if we did, management took care of it quickly. Everything works as it should. <br><br>Management was very responsive to our needs. I think the manager gave us more atttention because we were not section 8 and paid the full price for rent. It's convenient that packages can be delivered to the front office so you can pick them up after work. New security cameras were just installed and the parking garage lights made brighter so safety appears to be better.<br><br>The biggest problem that I see here is the fact that at least 40% of the units are Section 8. I think there is around 60% Section 8. You cannot mix have nots with the have everything. It seems like most of the Section 8's are ----- and they do not have respect for the building. I have seen tenants throw garbage on the floors (even when garbage cans are available on every floor). There always seems to be something that is broken. The garage gate and outside gates are broken alot. It takes many days, even weeks to get it fixed. Even though the garage is well lit, I don't think its too secure. Cars have been broken into this year. Four times someone has urinated in the elevator. Our upstairs neighbours walk like elephants and make noise at all hours of the night. Noise insulation between units is great. We stay up late and watch our movies loud and have never had any complaints. It takes alot of noise to actually disturb us so it surprises me that we could here the upstairs neighbor. Many nights there are people fighting outside and cars blasting music. We have had revolving upstairs neighbors who have been very noisy.<br><br>If this apartment was closer to Emeryville, it would be awesome. The problem is that it is too close to Oakland and San Pablo. The area is convenient for shopping and commuting to SF but there are drawbacks. Large trucks deliver goods to Home Depot late at night, cars race in the parking lot, Motorcycles race around...this all makes alot of noise. You won't like it if you are a light sleeper. Plus the area is just not very safe at night. You won't want to walk around at night for exercise.<br><br>We are moving out this year because they have raised our rent too much and it is not worth that much money in this area. We are moving to a much safer area but the commute will be longer. It's a trade off but I value my security more than convenience. <br><br>BridgeCourt is a decent apartment if you can get past the Section 8, noise of the cars, fighting couples, garbage, and not so friendly neighbors. You also must get a top floor unit to isolate yourself from any noise. We just couldn't justify paying almost $2000 for an apartment in a poor area with lots of noise and garbage. If the rent wasn't so high, it would be convenient to live here. The Section 8 people really annoyed me and if I am paying 2K per month, I want my neighbors to respect their living areas like I do. Thank god were outta here soon!
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