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Elan Playa Mar



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
This is NOT the same person below, stating a negative experience also.<br><br>You would think you were living in Chula Vista or worse.<br>just wait one week after u move in to see the proof..<br><br>I am trying to save someone a painfull lesson..<br>i learned the hard way.<br>My unit was Infested with large sized Rats.<br>We got towed while parking in our own assigned # !<br>(never re-imbursed btw)<br>We were Told by Management to park Elsewhere!<br>since there were no spots.<br>The management kept 70% of our deposit for no valid reason besides making up the difference from disgusted tenents forced to find Anything elsewhere..<br>(i realize the lease clause..)<br>They charged us to repaint the entire unit and cleaned when it was left in good condition ESPECIALLY since I only lived there less than a year.<br>i would have stayed there years, but it was unreal..<br>At the time of our departure, numerous people were leaving for reasons relating to the same.<br>Its not all Megans fault either btw.<br>I would call the main office after addressing my problems, and get no response or respect.<br>Walls paper thin. Mold heaven..<br>Constant partying and beer bottles left everywhere.<br>Appliances/ Couches and other large items Always littering the parking lot from tenents leaving.<br>The place is so evil I even got rear-ended full speed by some lady while leaving at the intersection one day (quail&encinitas blvd)<br>i am a young guy by the way. Not some old man who complains constantly..<br><br>Do yourself a favor, look elsewhere!!!!!..<br><br>five hundred a month for a 2 bedroom IS asking TOO MUCH at Playa terrace.
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Elan Playa Mar

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