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Essex Heights Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2005
I had not previously dealt with the management until I needed to move out and it was outrageous! I have never been treated so rudely or unprofessionally in my life. I am an extremely neat person and decided to clean the apartment myself. I cleaned a one bedroom apartment for 4 hours. I had also read the move-out paperwork that stated you need to paint over any spackled areas which I did. <br><br>I had told the management office when I would be available for a walk through and when I arrived they acted put upon and rushed through the apartment. ------- was the manager I worked with and she just quickly walked through and told me a list of items that needed to be cleaned if I did not expect for over $100 to be taken out of my deposit. She also stated that she could tell the difference between the new and old paint by looking at the glare off the wall and stated I would be charged $145 for repainting the entire apartment. <br><br>The management they have representing this complex is atrocious. I had to hold back tears when talking with ------- due to her condescending and unprofessional nature. I have lived in many apartments and have never failed to receive my full deposit. I can overlook having the rugs cleaned, but to expect residents to paint an entire apartment after 2 years is unacceptable. <br><br>An additional warning to potential tenants would be the noise. I had a Russian family living accross from me and I had to blast my radio to drown out their screaming and yelling. For some reason I was asked to remove my windchimes due to the noise, but screaming at all hours of the day is tolerable. There are tons of other places to live. DO NOT waste your time and effort with this complex.<br>
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Essex Heights Apartments

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