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Hacienda Del Norte



Resident · 2005
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My wife and I moved out here from Delaware in 05 and the apartment we found first had roaches coming from everywhere. We stayed in a motel that night and went here the next day, based on the rent.com guide. We were gonna move into a townhouse with 2 floors. After hearing out situation with the roaches at our other place, the manager was very sympathetic to our situation saying "You may see one or two now and then, thats just due to the weather out here, but our apartments absolutely don't have infestation". Well, when we first looked at the place it was ok. Some remnants of roaches like dead ones and legs here and there, but nothing like the first place we abandoned. By the time we drove down to San Diego and packed up what little stuff we had put in the first place the night before, and drove back up to Hacienda Del Norte ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!!! There were frigging roaches everywhere. Under the fridge, in all the cabinets, and there were actually two on the kitchen floor on their backs. They were squirming so I thought they were dying. My wife is balling her eyes out as this is the second place in a row we checked out that had terrible roaches. We went upstairs and by the time we came back down, the two on the kitchen floor were actually GIVING BIRTH to thousands of baby roaches from this huge egg sack hanging out of her abdomen. IT WAS FRIGGING NASTY!! So my wife starts crying even more as destitution sets in. I went and got some roach foggers and set bombs off in that place, thinking that this was our only option. We already paid $50 for the credit check. It still bugs me to this day that the manager had the gull to stand and look me in the eye while taking my money and tell me there was no roach problem. Even after hearing our horror story of the night before with roaches forcing us out. So in the end, we called Archstone on W 9th street in Escondido and they took us right in like the next day! We scoured for roaches or any bugs in that place before we moved in and there was nothing. Were finishing our third year at Archstone and have not once had an infesting species in our apartment. Only like some spiders and the occasional beetle that flies in through the door. THIS PLACE IS A --------. DON'T PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THE AGONY OF A MOVE INTO THIS HELLHOLE.
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Hacienda Del Norte

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