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Crest at Fair Oaks



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2012
Please whatever you do, do NOT live here. I almost lost my life here. 80% of people smoke and alot smoke in their units! Please trust me. I was told barely any smoke there. My skin looks burned and I was so healthy looking before. I was harassed by people at this complex, especially chain smokers and ended up wheezing and almost stopped breathing in my last days there, we had to walk away, it was awful...Low grade renters, really low, gross, and smells like pee everywhere, dumpster divers, I was scared out of my pants when I went to take the garbage out and a dumpster diver was inside the garbage can, literally chest deep, they have cameras everywhere, you have no personal space, the security guy ---- will take a flashlight and shine it on your belongings inside your car for atleast 2 minutes so he can be nosy and check out your personal belongings. I have a doctors note and they would not accept that for leaving this community, the manager does not live on site, she has no idea what goes on. ----- likes to rent to low grade, very low grade low end people, I am shocked they can pay rent there. People are always in your business, and I was picked up on constantly by slimy residents acting like their are full of money. I had irregular heart beats from the smoke, my skin is a mess now, and my hair was falling out, no joke!!! I am still trying to recover from the disgusting people that kept me up all night with so much chain smoke it made Las Vegas look light on the cancer stick if you catch my drift. Please if your health is important to you, stay away from this community, there is no compassion, and it is ice cold and scary, my new car was dinged and my boyfriends car severly scratched there, and there are beater cars everywhere in the parking lot. A woman who harrassed me repeatedly was given to go ahead to do so by ------- the manager, she did nothing to resolve my issues. Do not trust what she writes here, to make herself seem high end, it is a very low grade place, gross. I gringe when I think about the nightmare I went through there, and I regret it because my health is a mess because of this place and I blame them completely. The second hand smoke should be checked out by the EPA, it was so extreme in my unit even with 7 air cleaners and windows closed. I had to walk away because I nearly stopped breathing, I had to sleep in my car and on my balcony and at the park because the smoke was so bad, no lie. STAY AWAY! I still smell like smoke, it is taking forever to get the smell out of my skin, it is awful and my hair fell out alot!!!
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Crest at Fair Oaks

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