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Park Place at Fair Oaks Apartments

9800 Fair Oaks Boulevard

Fair Oaks, CA 95628



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/22/2002
A luxury apartment complex is how The Lakes decribes themselves. As you drive by you make think the same. Well, looks can be deceiving. <br> <br>The refuse to give problems any attention untill they have been harrassed. When a problem is finally fixed, it usually only temperary as they do not seem to want to spend actual money on a fix. <br> <br>One winter we went a full week without heat. This is in a house with small children. They had to call in three seperate repair men before it was actually fixed. That repairman was disgusted saying it looked as if the heater had years of "patching". <br> <br>Our electrical is wired wrong (my husband is a professional electrician) and we have ended up having to do repairs to our own unit because managment neglects to fix it. <br> <br>We requested a new refrigerator at one point because the one we had would not stop leaking onto the floor. I had to keep a towel there every day. Finally after my son slipped and hurt his head I complained and threatened lawsuit. The gave us a refrigerator out of anothre empty unit. They plugged it in , left, and I was not suprised when that refrigerator never even worked, spoiling $500 in foods. <br> <br>The worse part about this complex is that in the three years I have been a renter here, I have had 4 cases of illegal entry into my apartment. One day I was awoken by maintanace men inside my apartment. They claimed they had a repair slip. When they showed it to me the name on the slip, of the person who rents the apartment, was not even us. I have also been locked out of my apartment when they have entered while I was down doing laundry. <br> <br>Of the residance here I would guess about 90% feel the way I do. They even send notes to the other renters, keeping them up to date on the current numbers of owners, better buisness , fair housing ect. <br> <br>The last straw for me was when I got a notice that not only were they raising rent, but that they were no longer paying for water/garbage/sewer. That we as renters would be responsible for paying it. <br> <br>Needless to say as soon as I get my tax returns...Im out of here
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Park Place at Fair Oaks Apartments

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