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Avery Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
My opinion: <br><br>These were once among the nicest apartments in Fairfield, but since the new company, Fairfield Residential (San Diego headquarters), took over as well as the new manager, it has gone seriously downhill in a very short period of time.<br><br>There is wood rot in almost all of the buildings, the water is turned off for long periods - one to two days because pipes leak, the laundry rooms are filthy with hair and scum stuck to sticky stuff on the rims of the washers and trash all over inside the laundry rooms, dirty floors, and one laundry room with the window removed that has never been replaced. It rains inside. There are cars that do not run that are parked in visitor spaces that haven't been moved in months. One week, the trash bins were overflowing with garbage and people were having to stack their trash around the outside of the trash area on the ground. The explanation heard was that the garbage bill did not get paid and that the city had to tell the manager she had to pay the bill and have the trash picked up because it was a health hazard. The tenants pay for the garbage each month and they pay for their water usage in addition to the rent. So, where did that money go to pay for picking up the garbage? Who knows? The staff tells people that repairs in their apartments can't be done because there is no money in the budget. There is a dog poop problem. Watch where you step. Some say they have mold problems. A security gate that hardly ever works and has gaps in it where people can just walk in as they please. Two light poles with wires sticking out laying on the ground for weeks. Furniture out by the trash areas that sits there for weeks to months in the weather. A phone in the office that never gets answered and a recording comes on saying to try your call again later because no one can answer. You try again later and get the same message. And, the office closed a lot during hours it should be open. Numerous maintenance issues. The landscape company does a good job, though. Nice grounds, except for the dog stuff that never gets picked up.
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Avery Park Apartments

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