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Rosewood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2017
This has possibly been the worst place I've ever lived or heard of in my life. 1. Maintenance doesn't help. You'll just have so many problems with your apartment because everything there is so cheap. They just re-paint over the last person that lived there. The cabinets don't even close completely. Sometimes there aren't any warm water. Literally everything doesn't work, eventually things will break down the more you live there. 2. Neighborhood is terrible. I had a friend stay over for a night and got his stuff stolen from inside his locked car. So obviously you're not going to feel safe living there. 3. Staff is probably the worst problem with Rosewood. The only staff I know is maintence and Rafaela. I already explained how maintence sucks. And Rafaela is literally almost never there. She's either taking 8 lunch breaks a day or she just not working. On the days I have to turn in a check, I'd have to walk to her office atleast 4 times a day. And every single time she's never there. She's no help at all. 4. Leaving the apartment. Trying to clean the apartment much as possible is almost the most pointless thing ever. You won't get your security deposit back. PLUS Rafaela will charge you EXTRA money on top of the security deposit. She will just try to find a way to scam you. Another thing is, she just raised rent. All in all, don't ever go try to live in this apartment. The outside may look really nice, but it's probably the worst place to live in. Don't move here at all.
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Rosewood Apartments

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