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Legends at Willow Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2011
I've had multiple problems while living here. When my lease is up in August 21, I will definitely not be staying. I was really excited to move here last August, it was a nice place, even though it was a little pricey. Everything in Folsom is. I wish I had chosen Orangevale and just made the drive to FLC. My first issue was my very second month of living there. We chose the special of having the first month free. When the second month came around, October, my rent bill came in the mail and was for $22, just the utilities. So I went into the office and showed it to them, explaining I took the first month free and this was my second month so there must be a mistake. The lady in the office was nice and called her manager and she told me that because of when I moved in the free month extended into some of October. That being said, I ended up using most of my rent money on fixing up my car and buying some apartment decorations. Half way through the month I get a call from the office saying I had not paid rent and I owed them the rent plus a late fee. I reminded her I had come in and she told me it was a mistake, and asked if I could pay by 5:00. Obviously, I did not have all the money and told that to her. She said she would talk to her boss, who also manages the apartments down the street and is rarely there. He said I had 3 days or I would get a "pay or quit" form. Obviously I was upset and had to borrow money from family. I should not have spent it, but I specifically went in to the office to make sure my bill was correct. Unfortunately, this was only my first issue. A few months later, I had a check from my father in law for most of the rent because I changed banks and did not have checks yet, but not the utilities. So I put a note in with the check saying I was paying the remaining balance online. Although on their online system there is a spot to pay "different amount" then rent, their system did not accept that I put in a different amount. So it tried to take the full balance out of my account, which not only bounced back causing a bounced check fee, but they called my father in law before this and said my rent was payed twice and asked what to do with his check. Instead of calling me, he said rip it up. So half a month later, I get a "pay or quit" letter on my doorstep. Needless to say I was extremely upset they did not call me when they had an issue and although they ripped up my check and their online pay messed up, I was forced to pay multiple fees. Aside from all these issues, the apartment is not well made. The carpet is TERRIBLE. Every time I see a neighbor move out, I see them replacing it. And I know why. I spilled a glass of water late one night and left it to dry. The next morning it was dry. But stained my carpet. I had to scrub with carpet solution to get it out.. And that barely worked. Our sliding glass door handle came off the second day we moved in, one light in our bathroom went out and is an odd shape. I don't even want to deal with matinence or the office so I just use other lights. All in all, I'm extremely disappointed and would not recommend The Legends at Willow Creek.
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Legends at Willow Creek

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