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Legends at Willow Creek



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folsom456 • Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2008
My girlfriend and I moved into Legends in June of 2007. We are in a 1 bed/1 bath with a den, which is essentially a smaller second bedroom we use as an office. I'll give more detail below and explain each of my star ratings: Parking: 4 Stars. We got an assigned covered spot, but it's farther away than non-reserved open spots. So we just park wherever is available and it's usually closer than our assigned spot. Would be nice if our assigned spot wasn't so far away but it's not a big deal... Noise: 5 Stars. This is the 3rd apartment building we've lived in, and by far the quietest. In the 9 months we've lived here, I've probably had audible noise from neighbors late at night maybe 3 or 4 times. Gardeners come on Mondays and usually don't start until 9am, sometimes even 10am. It might be a bit of luck, however, because the apartment below us and across from us has been vacant for most of the time we've been here, so I think we just lucked out with really quiet neighbors. However most of the people who live here seem very respectful and you don't see many of the loud annoying "college partier" type of crowd. Grounds: 4 stars. It's a nice looking community, the gardening crew keeps it looking nice, and I've never seen stray trash lying around. Most people pick up after their pets, but I have come across some doodoo every now and then. The landscaping is nice, not exceedingly beautiful but adequate. We've only used the pool a few times but it seems to be well maintained and never too crowded, but it is rather small and will likely get crowded in the summer months. Safety: Seems like a very safe complex to me, it's a fairly open design with little shrubbery and places for bad guys to hide. The parking lot lighting is adequate. There is a security patrol that drives through every now and then, but I've probably seen them only 5 or 6 times since we moved in, and they don't work for the apartment, it's a third party security company so I'm sure they patrol several other complexes. Also, the doors have a hidden deadbolt in addition to the keyed deadbolt which is nice when you're in for the night, so there's no way anyone can get in the door unless they kick in the door frame :) Also good to keep maintenance staff or whoever from getting in if you're in the shower or whatever. Construction: We're generally pleased with the build quality of our apartment...the oven/stovetop is a little old, but works fine, the fridge is big enough and works fine, dishwasher is also fine. Washer/dryer also fine with no problems. Central air and heating works well but WATCH THE BILL. PG&E went from 20/mo to 100/mo in the winter months with heating. But that goes for anywhere... but the apartments are poorly insulated and lose heat quickly so you basically have to have the heater going 24/7 during the coldest months if you want it above 60 in your apartment. There is a gas fireplace which is nice I guess but we never use it. Carpeting seems to be in good condition. Maintenance: We've never had any maintenance issues so we've never dealt directly with the maintenance staff, so no comment there. Staff: This is the biggest downer for this place. The staff here is generally pretty incompetent. I don't think I've ever walked into the office with a request that they haven't somehow screwed up. Everything from picking up packages, to renewing lease agreements, to asking questions, they just aren't very organized. Speaking of picking up packages, LEGENDS WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT PACKAGES ON BEHALF OF THE TENANTS BEGINNING MARCH 30th 2008. This is very bad for me because I frequently get packages for work without expecting them. So guess what? If you're not home and UPS comes by with a package that can't be left on your doorstep, they won't be able to leave it. This is the first apartment I've lived at that hasn't accepted packages for tenants. Not to mention that when they DID accept packages, they didn't notify you that you received one, and they would sit in the office for weeks until you figured out you should have received a package. It just doesn't make sense to me and if they had informed us of this policy change prior to renewing our lease we might have reconsidered.... Anyways, the office staff is pretty unorganized and annoying. But luckily you don't really need to go in there that often and they don't bother you. In fact now that they won't accept my mail for me I really have no reason to go in there, ever. Overall: 4 stars. If this place had an excellent staff that had their s*** together, I'd probably give it 5 stars. The apartment itself is nice, the grounds are clean and well kept, and it's usually very quiet. But add in the staff issues, with the recent mail policy change, they lose one star. In the end, I would recommend it.
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Legends at Willow Creek

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