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Legends at Willow Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 06/04/2009
Parking: this was my biggest complaint of the place. I have a personal vehicle and a truck that I have to drive for work. My personal car stayed in the garage which was conveniently near my apartment... my truck had to go into one of the uncovered, public spaces. If I got home after 5:15pm, I had to park near the front of the complex which was a pretty long walk at the end of a day. I parked in the neighboring complex for a while because they had a parking lot that was RIGHT next to my building that was always empty... but they figured me out and left a nasty note on my truck (oops!) so I stopped doing that. Also, the garages are really narrow. My personal car is a Honda Civic and that was a tight fit... probably could get an accord/camry/etc type car in there but that would be the widest I would feel comfortable parking (unless you have the mirrors that retract) Noise: It's typical for an apartment complex. The walls are adequate... it really depends on the neighbors you get. The woman above me went through a couple-month period where she was bringing home guys every night. That was entertaining! The residents seem to be a lot of young families... not a lot of partying going on. Grounds: It's not a lush oasis but it's nice. I really like the vines they have growing over the covered area near the pool... they smell soooo good when they are in bloom! Safety: It's kind of tucked away in a corner near Cal Family Fitness... never sensed any mischief going on. Construction: I really like the floor plan of these apartments. I remember everything working and being well-made. I didn't like the fact that the bathrooms were half-carpeted, though, as the carpeted ended up being pretty flat and scratchy on my feet after a while. Maintenance: I think I only had one maintenance issue and it was fixed quickly... I can't remember what it was though! Staff: I see there are a lot of complaints here about the staff... I didn't think they were rude or anything. The manager guy isn't the most outgoing and comforting person in the world, but he was never close to being rude to me. He just seemed very professional. I had to go into the office a few times and everything was always taken care of in one visit. Overall: I would recommend this place to someone... I felt comfortable there. What more can you really ask for from an apartment?
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Legends at Willow Creek

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