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Overlook At Blue Ravine



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2019
I had the intention of writing an amazing review! I was pending the return of my deposit before I did so. Glad I waited. I lived at the Overlook for a year. I took AH-MAZE-ING care of our unit. Washed carpets bi-monthly, ( i have a carpet cleaner) cleaned daily, deep cleaned monthly. When we moved, I hired someone to clean and left the place (near) move in ready. I was expecting to get more than half of my deposit back upon leaving! Oh boy was I wrong.... It had been about a month since we moved and I had my husband call to see where the deposit check was. Not only were they not going to issue one, but they say we owe over $400!!! Do you want to know the reason? Urine stains. They replaced the entire units carpet! We asked to have them provide pictures of these so-called stains and we were sent over a very fuzzy, small picture of a corner piece of carpet (room unknown) with "urine" stains. Hmmmm. I find this odd. Did you try to first clean the carpet? Why was the ENTIRE carpet in the house replaced for a tiny section of "urine"? My daughter is potty training, do you replace everyone's carpet without telling them over potential toddler pee? My two small dogs, although possible, do not pee in our house! They are way beyond that stage at 7 and 8 years old. Sooo, how is this $1,000 charge justified? How is it guaranteed that before the unit was rented to me and sitting for 2-3 months, that those stains weren't already there!? I am beyond frustrated with the outcome of our stay at Overlook. I am feeling nickel and dimed and taken advantage of. Had I not had my husband call, when would have I known about this discrepancy? Not super excited about writing this, but I feel I owe it to the ppl looking to rent here, a fair warning of what to expect when you leave.
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Overlook At Blue Ravine

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