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Overlook At Blue Ravine



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Office Staff
lindsayshocking • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2013
Let's see--well first, the assistant manager lost one of our rent checks. Since I live with my boyfriend, I pay my half and he pays his half. We included both checks in an envelope, and we almost got evicted because we only paid half. When we contacted the assistant manager, she admitted to throwing our other check away. We had to do a stop payment, and provide the apartment complex with a notification that we did in fact do a stop payment. We had to fight tooth and nail to not pay late fees, on top of the fact that everyone we talked to gave us a different story. Also, the neighbors are jerks, to put it in a G-rated fashion. This apartment has little pet restrictions which sounds great until you live below someone who is running an unregulated dog rescue (and they're never home, AND they neglect the dogs, but that's neither here nor there). The one thing our lease does stipulate about pets is that you are limited to two pets, both of which need to be registered with the office. When we brought this to their attention, not only did they ignore us, but they informed us that the dog rescue people filed a complaint against us because we banged on the ceiling. Are you kidding me? Banging on the ceiling is the universal term for "you're being too noisy!" but regardless, this was left unresolved at best. All our gripes about neighbors aside, I'd say the biggest concern is the office staff and management. Besides being outwardly hostile, they lie to their tenants. Over the year we have resided here, we have changed security companies three times. On February 15th we received notice that they changed companies again and they did not provide us with a correct number. As of today they've yet to do so as a whole for the complex. They cancelled their contract with the towing company but keep the signs posted all over the complex and lie to our face when we called the towing company and they told us they no longer service our complex. Upon posting our gripes on their Facebook page, both my boyfriend and I got deleted and banned, while other posts listing apartment buildings accusing tenants of being problematic neighbors and listing apartment buildings and posts containing profanity remained. When we addressed this with the manager, she simply said it was a business decision. When asked what that decision was, she told us that my boyfriend and I are no longer allowed to talk to her--our apartment manager. The moral of this story is that if you dare speak up about anything, they will treat you like garbage. They will harass you and actively bully you until you leave. They will never admit fault, and will be outright rude, condescending and offensive if you do this. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.
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Overlook At Blue Ravine

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