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Provence Apartments



Resident · 1988 - 2002
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Office Staff
Upon first inspection, Provence seems like a dream come true. I have been here for over three years, and it´s image has been tarnished somewhat. <br> <br>Even though there is to be no soliciting, I am constantly bothered by religions and kids trying to separate me from my money. As a result of all the rent increases, I need all that I can earn. Rents increase yearly, mostly to accomodate the fact that people are moving out due to rent increases. The apartment manager is not too bright and a bit on the arrogant, pushy side. It seems that every time I go into the office, there is a new worker. Good help is so hard to find. <br> <br>Any complaint that I have had about the complex (people driving too fast, the gates are in a constant state of dis-repair, letting anyone have 24 hour access, etc) has been met with resistance on the part of management. I was treated like it was my problem to deal with. <br> <br>There are many childrenn in the complex and any attempt to keep the complex safe, to my shock, by my complaints, were met with "Well, that´s not really OUR responsibility." I can forsee ,in the near future, a major lawsuit due to the incompetance and lack of respect for the tenants. If you have children, please beware. <br> <br>On the upside ,the apartments are spacious and the maintenance staff is TOP NOTCH. I have always been treated well by the maintenance staff and have been give prompt, professional, and courteous service. They somewhat make up for the lack of intelligence and service in the front office. <br> <br>In conclusion, the rents are ridiculously high, and the quality of the residence has declined in the last year. If you like to live in a nice, clean, expensive apartment but feel the need to compain about a myriad of services that you should get and pay for, but aren´t, then Provence Apartments is for you. <br> <br> <br>
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Provence Apartments

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