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Provence Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
I can't say that I'd recommend this complex to anyone I knew as it is just ok. The apartment is fairly spacious, but the service is the problem. The office staff is polite and friendly for the most part, but their follow through leaves a lot to be desired. I've lived here for over a year and have yet to have them ever return a call when I've left a message. Whenever I've left a message on the voice mail I ended up calling again the next day and inevitably I'm told either that their voice mail is down or they haven't checked it yet. And they are not consistent -- you can ask the same question to three of them and you'll get three different answers. <br>I also know that they had several break ins all in one day last year. Of course they don't publicize that or warn the residents. I just happened to hear from another neighbor! For all I know they've had more since.<br>And yes, the gates are always broken. For whatever reason folks can't or don't use their remotes and push open the gates instead, which causes them to break. Usually the gates are open during the day so what's the point of calling it a gated community?! <br>The noise is minimal, but I think that's because I'm in an area where there aren't very many kids. <br>I will also agree that they are not pro-active. They wait for you to tell them there's a problem before they will do anything. And then sometimes the way they go about "fixing" the problem is interesting. They mickey mouse the repairs so much. Let's just say I'm glad that I don't own this place! <br>All I can say is that I will only be here for a little while longer... my lease expires next year. <br> <br>
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Provence Apartments

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