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Harbor Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
We have been living here more than 1 year, the quality is going down, while the price are going up 25% more within one year! So, I moved out, but I would like to give a review here. <br> 1. A sliding door hook of the bath tub is broken down, we called totally 4 times, but it has never been fixed!!!<br> 2. Image your bath tub, bath room, bedroom flood with toilet water from upstairs/your neibough FOUR times a year! All the rooms are messed with terrible smell and looking. I called office as this emergency, and they came onsite 4 hours later!<br> 3. Dusty: They blowed all the dusty on the pathway to your windows, bacony, and your room etc.<br> 4. Construction truck works in the middle night, lound noise until 12:00AM, and I had to call 911 to stop them. <br> 5. Parking lot: They nerver made it clear who's car parking in which parking lot! And they are keeping bothering you with parking lot.<br> 6. Tennis Court: The tennis court has been locked for maintenace for several months already, and they have done nothing to fix the cracks. Just LOCKED. <br> 7. Swimming pool is dirty all the time.<br> 8. Lagoon view: The path around the lagoon are always full of droppings of geese, ducks, and birds..., you have to watch out your step while going to your parking lot. And a lot of people outside the community are using the trail path before your windows/doors to the lagoon park.<br> 9. Due to 3-storey building, it is very noisey from your upstairs/downstairs.<br> 10. The last and the most worst is the office people: They treat you like rat, not people after you moved in. The way they talk to you will make you.
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Harbor Cove Apartments

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