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Harbor Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2007
I've lived here for less than a year and have spoken to many of the tenants that lived here and here is what i found out:<br> Once a month at least one car is broken into during the night. I talked to one tenant who's car had been broken into 3 times and mgmt would't change their parking space. Ck w/ FC police dept.<br>The doors to each apt.bldgs are suppose to be closed and locked at all times but they are always propped open by tenants who are doing laundry or standing outside smoking and are too lazy to take their key.<br>It is against apartment rules to cook with your apartment door open but a lot of tenants do. If you complain to mgmt they won't do anything about it.<br>I've seen people smoking in the hallways and stairwell and as you know in the state of california it is against the law to smoke in inclosed areas unless it is you own residence.<br>I've seen people stand outside and smoke under other tenants windows and mgmt does nothing. My child continues to have respiratory problems because of it. We should be able to live in our own apartment and not smell foods from other apartments or inhale second hand smoke from people standing outside because they don't want to smoke in their own apartments.<br>The washers and dryers are always broken<br>Kids are constantly running up and down the hallway and stairs.<br>The general population comes and dumps their garbage in the dumpsters because mgmt is too lazy to figure out a way to secure the dumpster so there is no illegal dumping. That's a problem since we have to pay for garbage.<br>This past year they have raised rents anywhere from $150-$450 and no improvements have been made. I swear I am living in the ------!<br>Since it seems like mgmt does not return deposits the only thing I can suggest is that when your lease is up and you are ready to move tell them that your rent is going to be late and figure out the difference between your deposit and your rent and only pay that amount and let them keep your deposit.
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Harbor Cove Apartments

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