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Lantern Cove



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lanterncovehater • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
Management has failed to act appropriately, not only has management failed but the Corporate office has failed to act as well. I lived there for just over two years and found children sitting on the hood of my car and other neighbors cars, they throw rocks at other people, they dig through the garbage can and throw items out and their parents don't care. I have had these children attempt to get on my patio and retrieve my sleeping cat and had I not caught them who knows what they would have done with my cat. These children are allowed to roam free and terrorize neighbors. Their parents simply do not care and when an issue is brought to the parents attention they attempt to turn the problem back to you, as if you had something to do with it. Dogs are allowed to roam free without their leashes and relieve themselves where the see fit and their owners fail to clean up after them. If you can help it move somewhere else!!! I have complained to management and their response is to say "I will send out a stern letter immediately" and yet they never do. I would never recommend living here. It started out quiet but then it turned to utter trash and I couldn't wait to move out. The rent is too high for the little amount of space given to live in, too high for inadequate management and too high for children to be allowed to roam free. There are alleged breed restrictions in place but management fails to enforce this restriction.
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Lantern Cove

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