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Serena Vista



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Do you want to stay in a community where your neighbors were rude and selfish, where the community manager treated you differently and unrespectfully?? I originally moved into Serena Vista Apartments in May 2006, renewed my lease in April 2007, and subsequently moved out in September, 2007. At the end of July 2007, new neighbors moved in below my apartment. Upon their occupancy, every evening my apartment began to smell of cigarette. When I signed the lease with the previous manager in 2006, I was told by her that there is no smoking allowed inside the apartment, nor is grilling allowed at the patio if I choose to live downstairs, because the smoke will rise up to the upper units. However, residents are allowed to smoke outside at the patio, but not at common areas, such as the pool. (Apparently, in all previous of managers who managed the property said different things to residents, and had different standards of managing the property.) When the incident occurred, I spoke to the apartment Manager, and was advised to speak directly to the neighbors. I did speak to the neighbors below, on two separate occasions, in hopes of working out some arrangement. On the second occasion, the neighbors were rude, accused me of harassing them, threatened to sue me, and stated: "I pay the rent; I can do whatever I want." Afterward, I went back to talk the community manager, I told him what happened, what my neighbors said to me, and asked him if that implies that residents can do whatever they want, such as jump on the floor or have parties throughout the night to disturb other neighbors. He said no, but he did not talk to my neighbors afterward, even my neighbors acted like that. I was given an option to move into another unit. I explained I would have to incur moving expenses, and asked if he would pick up those costs. The Manager refused and said to me more than three times: "I have to warn you, even if you transfer to another unit, you might have the same problem if your neighbors smoke," which showed how unwilling he was to help me transfer to another unit and solve the problem. It became clear to me that the Manager was not willing to solve the problem. For health reasons, I had no option but to break my lease and move out. Due to the two months of sleep deprivation, my health deteriorated requiring me to see a doctor in early December, which cost me thousands of dollars in exams and medications, and requires long term rehabilitation. Afterward, they sent my file to a collection agent, who kept harassing me by mail, asked me to pay for the "debt," which I feel that I am not responsible for it, and kept increasing the interests. I phoned the Riverstone Residential Group in order to find out a way to solve this problem, a woman who picked up the phone was ------, rude and mean, refused to let me talk to the manager, and hung up on me. In order to stop those harassing letters from them, I reluctantly paid for the "debt." Eventually, I decided to file a complaint against the Riverstone Residential Group and Serena Vista Apartments at BBB (Better Business Bureau). In the two letters I received from -----------, District Specialist of the Riverstone Residential Group, there was no apology whatsoever for the manager's attitude, incapability of managing the property and lack of problem solving skills. She kept blaming on me not to transfer to another location on property, and kept saying the manager did nothing wrong. Oh yes, when I complained about the neighbors rude and mean behaviors, they refused to deal with them, only they blamed everything on me, and wanted me to pay everything... That was SO helpful, Mrs. Specialist!!! (Let me tell you one thing, Mrs. Specialist... You are in CUSTOMER SERVICES related industry, you guys are not only managing the property, you also need to provide CUSTOMER SERVICES to residents. There was NO customer services in the serena vista apartments!!!) I DEFINIETELY WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO MOVE TO SERENA VISTA APARTMENTS. I am so done with them. I am glad that I don't live there anymore!
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Serena Vista

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