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Serena Vista



Resident · 2008
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OK, so there has been a lot of complaining on the reviews here, so I thought I'd take a minute to put my two cents in. Before I signed a lease here (it's been about 8 months ago), I tried to find out as much as I could online about Serena Vista. The reviews turned out to be not great, but just okay. After touring the property and the other two properties right next to it, I decided on Serena Vista because it was priced between the other two complexes, but it was much nicer than the cheaper one (S.V. just looks nicer). Anyhow, the manager here doesn't bother me much. He is usually very friendly when I see him, and we don't have much to complain about. The parking does suck, but there will always be parking right before the bowling alley if you're willing to walk a little (which is the case if you come home late). So yeah, that does suck. You do get ONE assigned space, which isn't terribly bad. As for the kids screaming, I have been noticing that a lot more lately. It's sometimes in the weekend mornings, so that really sucks. However, I have recently discovered cheap foamy earplugs that works really well against minor noises. I'm usually a very light sleeper, so any little thing will annoy and wake me up. The walls are fairly thin here, but it's not that bad. I will say that it is pretty darn quiet at night, though, which is really unheard of in most apartment complexes. You never see any parties going on or anything loud at all at night. There aren't many "college student" or other party types around here. Most residents are young couples or small families. The laundry facilities do get crowded on the weekends. I would certainly try to get it done on the weekdays. The other amenities like the pool and gym are alright, I just haven't used them much yet to comment on them. Actually, the "gym" is kind of weak, but I guess it's better than nothing. Oh, the maintenance guys are very cool. They are extremely responsive and they get things done asap. They're usually very friendly as well. Let's see... I'm in a downstairs unit, so there is a little bit of creaking when people above us walk around. That was annoying at first, but like most other things, I got used to it. The AC unit is in the living room, so it won't cool the bedroom much. I found that using a fan and the AC together dramatically helps. Overall, I think S.V. has very nice floorplans, and the pricing is not too bad (especially compared to others around here). They usually have a move-in special like a free month's rent or something. I would certainly recommend it if you prefer living in Fountain Valley. It's right by the 405 and Mile Square Park, which is very convenient for a jog or if you like golf.
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Serena Vista

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