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Serena Vista



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
Let's see....about your review, i think that is hard to understand how it was before, because you are living here just few months. I am living almost 2 years, so, i can see the diference!, but still is short time and i saw bad things over here. I met 2 managers, boths are gone. Why???.Who Knows?? I think that we should read our LEASE AGREEMENT before give any review. I am agree with you in some points in your review, but i don't think that we should live with foamy earplugs always. Well, if you don't know, they will built new amenities in the complex....that incluide a playground, so prepare yourselft with a lot of earplugs. Then, they will put new BBQ close to the apartments, so our residents PLUS residents from anothers apartments will enjoy more, like they are doing in our swimming pool nowdays. But if you don't have the keys, don't worry, you just can JUMP over the fence....just like everybody (tenants from another apartments). I can bet the most of the people in our swimming pool are from other buildings...great!!!. If you have a big group of friends, you can make a big party in the swimming pool, with beer, music and a lot of pool games... that you can heard in the other side of the building..and something else..you can stay after 10 pm in the gym or pool....that is cool!!. So, welcome to everybody to Serena Vista...where the manager or the owner doesnt's care about rules in the lease. One more thing....they will chance the rules about pets...if you like dogs, is problaby that we will have dogs running and barking behind cats very soon. About the staff in the office, they are nice, but they must to be, because we are paying their paychecks with our rents. About the rent, you are right, it is average...no too bad, no too good. The two guys that always are cleaning the area, they are nice!. I don't think that is a good place to live, because when you rent a apartment you should trust that all the rules in the lease agreement must be done.....but that is no true. The own staff in the office they don't know about the lease....that is HORRIBLE!!!. So, how can we complaint with a legal base if they don't care in read it?. In my personal case, i try for many ways don't have to call to the office. I'm counting the days to get out from here...more when the rules will chance and they don't care about your home, just about Money!!!...more tenants...the owner needs to fill out the empty ones. Pss..i hope somebody can take pictures... Thank you for your contribution. Have a nice day.
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Serena Vista

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