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Serena Vista



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Here is an honest review. The apt is clean. the kitchen is small after you get your fridge in and stuff on the counter. There is 0 counter space. The rooms are decent enough size. The living room was decent size. The patio, again decent size. I thought the closet space was above average. We didnt need much in the 6 months we were here but when we did, they were prompt. Here is the down side. PARKING PARKING PARKING. If you are single and have a passenger car, you'll be fine. However, you only get one space with your rent and it will not fit a truck. I dont have a lifted truck or a long bed truck or even a double cab truck. I have a regular Toyaota Tundra and I have to back in to get it to fit. And then I only have 4" of clearance. We were forced to pay for an additional garage. If you get home anytime after 5 oclock, plan on walking for a bit to get home. Parking is unbelievable horrible. If we had known about the parking issue, we wouldve look other places. The dog barking that some people complain about is valid but it doesnt go on all hours of the day/night. It's mostly when people get home from work, from 5-7, they take their dogs out to poop on your grass. Most people pick it up. However there are a few out there that dont. (You know who you are)The down side is this is right at dinner time. So I can see how it would be irritating to a sensitive ear. If you are sensitive to minor stuff like that, you'll be bummed on this place. We stayed 6 month s out of a 12 month lease and are forced to pay a $1700 lease break fee. We knew this going into it but it was worth it for us to get out and into something that was more our style. As far as tenants, everyone seems nice enough. Never heard any loud parties and the once our twice that I sent to the pool, we hardly saw anyone. Biggest complaint: Parking sucks Price for the Apt should be 150-200 less. (however, understand that if the apt charges that little amount for rent, you will get the clientele that fits the price range. Serena Vista wants to be a luxury complex, they are just not in a luxury neighborhood.
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Serena Vista

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