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Serena Vista



Resident · 2013 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Maintenance personnel are very nice although very poorly managed. It takes days from the time you make a request at the office untill the manager graciousely decides to inform the maintenance staff about an issue inside the unit. My sink was leaking and it has never been taken care of despite all of the inquiries, unitll the wood floor in the kitchen has buckled and revealed festering mold under that, still nothing untill frustration and strong words had to be used, and they just came one day into my unit without permission and changed the floor, leaving pieces of wood everywhere and a box of small nails despite the fact they know i have a little baby in the house. THey build a back yard in the back of the unit, took a week more than informed on the notice on the door with contractor workers coming in and out as they please. A cable box in the back yard with no outside entry has forced the time warner employees to jump the fence and be present in the back yard as they please despite it is part of the apartment and requires notice to enter. When i informed the managment they moved the fence making the yard significanlty smaller despite the rent increase that more than covered the work. If you are walking through your bedroom at times you could see a stranger staring at you right outside the back sliding door. At times the workers would throw around the things in the back yard, and the manager would argue that i am not right and simply imagined my things piled up on top of each other like garbage. Not kid friendly place at all, poor maintenance, and rent increases regurarelly 150$ every year untill you are made to move out. When the managment "took care" of the back yard problem, they simply told me i can move out if i do not like it, and mind you it was the hollidays at the time. Do not, do not move in here i am warning you
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Serena Vista

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