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Casa Arroyo Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
I do like this place but for the sake of being honest and not a placed ad below are some of the pros and cons. you decide<br><br>This place is a large complex quiet in most areas. But not over run with the "party generation". The usuall apartment politics.<br><br>There is a lot of vegetation (minor annoyance to people with alergies) so there will be some bugs especially at night with all the bright lights around (good for safety).<br><br>There is storage available for extra$ and is as secure as the last neighbor who entered left it.<br><br>There is first come first serve parking (as well as assigned) but some neighbors refuse to let go of their whoopties (junk cars which do not run) or bring thier work vehicles home too.<br><br>The units were insulated with aluminum sided insulation (so I am told) which interferes with cell phone communications. I see many a neighbor outside or on their balconies making cell calls.<br><br>The bathrooms do have windows which does reduce the threat of mold but airs the toilet area out into the rest of the unit. Curtesy matches seem to solve this.<br><br>Management is accessable in person 7 days a week (find that at the dump you are at now)<br><br>Maintenace appears to slack in some areas (namely unit turn around) but compared to some places I stayed where maintenance actually stole I consider this a minor inconveniece.<br><br>Note: user Swimmer2 appears to work for management so please treat thier rebuttals with skepticism<br><br>Also beginning November 2005 the small strip mall (7-11 and a couple of choke and pukes) next to part of the complex will be torn down and high density housing will be constructed there. When choosing a unit consider where it is in relation to the construction. This will also reduce the the 'petty' crimes which seem to only occurr on Fridays and Saturdays. Remember this is NEAR Niles<br><br>Megans Law: pfft We are starting a small football league so if either of them want to join up they are more than welcome
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Casa Arroyo Apartments

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