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Casa Arroyo Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
I lived with my family at Casa Arroyo for five years so I know it well.<br><br>The CONS:<br>-The child molesters (one lived nearby and was around all the time)<br>-Signs in the parking lots and pool areas citing something along the lines of “this area known to contain chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer and or birth defects.”<br>-In the lease you release the management from liability just because they let you know that there IS asbestos and lead paint, two chemicals that are toxic for human health IN the apartments.<br>-My family’s laundry was stolen once from the laundry room. (office said it had been happening to others too)<br>-Reports of many car-breakins. (not to ours, but someone did leave us with a huge dent in the side of our door and didn’t leave us a note)<br>-With the decrease in rent, the neighborhood seemed to become much rougher<br>-Very few open spots for parking so visitors can have a tough time finding a close spot to park in.<br>-Many safety issues: An electrician once told us he was surprised our whole wall didn’t go up in flames based upon the massive mess of wires shoddily put into the fuse box when they constructed the place. It called attention to the problem and they supposedly fixed it in several other apartments as well after that. <br>-They had to replace one of our two major support beams on our balcony because it had literally rotted out and could have been a hazard at any time! <br>-The whole place is old. On the outside of the apartments railings are old and made of cracking and weathering wood. Major cracks and holes are everywhere in the apartments too. Lack of insulation and double pane windows plus those cracks equal major heating waste and cost.<br>-Those cracks allow bugs, ants, and spiders all a way to crawl into the apartment to seek refuge. We had to caulk every room, cabinet, wall, floorboard, etc. That did seem to stop them somewhat, and the maintenance gave us caulk to use, but it was still a major hassle and annoyance.<br>-The foundation is old. The doors stick and doorknobs squeak. There is no fan in the bathroom to keep mold from growing. Maintenance will remove it though. <br>-We had ugly brown cabinets and the worst most cheap carpet you ever saw. Our neighbors did have white cabinets and that looked better though.<br>-Another example of a safety concern: Our first stove we had at the place was literally in shambles. The insulation had all worn off and the writing on the knobs had rubbed off. It was so incredibly unsafe. They replaced it with a new stove though when we called their attention to it. <br>-The place was not constructed well. Our back wall on our hallway closet got pushed back on accident once and we were amazed to see a ton of wasted space back there. <br>-THE POOL CLEANER!! This guy comes several times a week at peak swimming times and then kicks everyone out of the pool so he can dump his chemicals in it and let them sit for several hours before people can come back in. The management totally let this guy set his own schedule and didn’t care that he would disturb the best part of the day for swimming and put all the paying residents out. Moms with kids who had suits on and sunscreen on or who were having a barbeque, they would all get kicked out!! He didn’t even have a really consistent schedule either and the office never pushed the issue with him.<br>-The pool is not heated anyway so pool time for the year is quite limited!<br>-The yardwork company! Pretty much every single day they make their rounds with LOUD obnoxious machines like leaf blowers. They zoom around the complex with their earplugs on, meanwhile waking napping babies, or overpowering residents trying to have a phone call or watch a tv program, all just to chase a few leaves onto the grass.<br>-The complex seems to blatantly waste money. They have all these flowers near the office where there is some landscaping. They will rip out perfectly good flowers just because they want to plant different flowers that look pretty much the exact same there instead.<br>-Casa Arroyo is in the middle of three airports and there are all kinds of LOUD planes taking off and landing right over the complex making lots of noise.<br>-The whole niles area has some major traffic pattern problems and living in Casa arroyo, it is not really very easy to get anywhere. <br>-Low ceilings<br>-No air conditioning and very little air flow into the apartment. Some windows we had didn’t even open. (They were built that way)<br>-The buildings are so dirty and spider webby and pollen gets EVERYWHERE!<br>-While it's nice that there are lots of lights lighting the place up for safety, the problem is that they are right outside the windows so they shine into the rooms when you are trying to sleep at night.<br><br>PROS:<br>-We had a few really GREAT neighbors!!<br>-The maintenance men are really super NICE and HELPFUL!<br>-We loved having all the trees around our apartment. We looked out our window and saw tree tops and we felt like it was a tree house. <br>-Convenient to get to 7-11 for a gallon of milk or something. <br>-Lots of big windows in the corner apartments<br>-great balcony on the corner apartments<br>-The complex grounds usually look pretty good (lots of trees, flowers, plants and grassy fields)<br>-We loved our apartment lay-out<br><br>Overall, we did enjoy our five years there, but in retrospect, I wouldn’t have lived there. The health hazards alone with the asbestos and lead paint and other toxins plus the child molestors, it is NOT WORTH IT!!!! Those things are no joke and the idea of paying people to allow us to live in an area that they know to be toxic and unsafe seems ludicrous now that I am no longer doing it!
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Casa Arroyo Apartments

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