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Durham Greens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
We unfortunatly got situated above an elderly guy and a whole three times while living there we had dinner parties ( that ended at a reasonable time) for our familys he complained and three complains in a six month period resulted in us being thrown out. He also complained when the wind blew over our ashtray and the contents fell into his patio and he insisted it was a persistent problem. Everytime we would get a complaint/ noise violation we would go to the office and explain what really happened but since we are young they didn't beleive us. The walls are very thin though. In the master bedroom you could hear the neighbors taking to their kids through the wall, and they also had a fasination with the speaker phone and it was very loud and disturbing. They were fairly good about fixing things, all though the spa was out of order for three of the six months we lived there. The office staff and management seemed nice enough, but they always got irriated when you needed something. There were aleast four car break ins in the time we were there and a couple of parking lot shouting matches. When we moved out they didn't screw us over too bad on our deposit like most apartments. They claimed we didn't return one of our gate clickers and charged us for it, but after a phone call it was all worked out. The main thing i will remember about the office staff is that they are not so bright. After receiving our 30 day notice to move out i called the office to set up a pre inspection before move out and the guy on the phone said "oh, you moving out?" The apartment itself was really nice inside and out. Other then the old guy downstairs everyone seemed really nice well, except for the lady across the hall who was in the hall yelling on her phone and i opened the door to go out to my car and stopped with the door cracked because my roomate asked me a question and she started yelling at me for being nosey and getting into her buisness, when i wasn't even close to the door<br>but from what i heard from across the apartment she wasn't even speaking english.<br>I would still recommend this place though. Its big enough that your chances of living around the same people I did is minimal.
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Durham Greens Apartments

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