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The Rexford



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Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
I am moving out soon after 2 years and am sad to see it go. I loved my big rooms and huge amount of storage space. Pros: A/C, quick maintenance replies (had a leak in my roof fixed in under an hour), and the landlords don't get up on you. HUGE townhouse. The only pest problem I had was outside, involving wasps (which somehow sometimes got inside). The space was SO nice. Also a gated community, though I did notice cars stop right in front of the gate and just wait for another car with a clicker to drive up and HAVE to let them in, in order to get in themselves. Good area. I never had a problem outside my apartment and felt totally safe at night alone (and I go out at night a lot). And how convenient is the area! I was within 5 minutes of almost everything I'd ever need. Cons: Noise is my biggest complaint. It is very family-centric, which is fine, except there are children screaming outside my window at 8 am when I want to catch up on my sleep on the weekends. I'm also woken up early those days with leafblowers and construction. There are a few problem tenants, who play music loudly outside and carry on loud conversations, mostly during the weekends. The walls are a litttttle thin, so I can faintly hear people in the next apartments, and they can hear us (and, for my roommate, can pound on the walls if she makes just a little too much noise). Parking is also a problem. My roommate and I got one covered spot and switch off sharing it... which is annoying. We were promised another spot, eventually, but obviously it never happened. A bit expensive, but for how much space we got, it was worth it. Some utilities are included. No visitor parking, but usually plenty of street parking. When the high school across the street is having a football game or graduation, though... good luck. Our rent went up pretty steeply after we went to month-to-month (1995 to split). Overall, I do like living here. The only reason I'm moving is because my roommate is leaving the state, and I need a place closer to my work (in SSF). Otherwise I'd stay.
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The Rexford

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