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Waterstone Fremont

39600 Fremont Boulevard

Fremont, CA 94538



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Bay_area_renter • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
Ok, I don't want to scare you people that still live there but there is something dead between the walls. I lived there in 2003 and moved out as soon as my lease was up. I am posting this because I am still tormented by my experience and think about it often, so I want to pass the info along. When I first moved into the apt, I noticed big black flies would appear in my bedroom out of nowhere. They were HUGE, and so fat that they could barely move. One day I was lying in bed and happened to look down at the phone outlet. I saw a big black fly oozing out of the portion of the outlet that you plug your phone cord into. I was pretty disgusted and called maintenance but they would not come because it was a holiday. I had to resort to putting clear tape over the outlet. After just a couple of hours, numerous flies were stuck to the clear tape. When maintenace finally came, they blocked the hole with calking that you use on bathtubs. I didn't see the flies again after that but had continuous nightmares about what was dead between the wall. There had to have been something, the flies were so huge that they could barely move from all of the eating that they had done. I swear this is a true story, I even have pictures of the tape with flies stuck to it. DON'T LIVE HERE!!! IT IS THE WORST COMPLEX EVER!!!
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Waterstone Fremont

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