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Manzanilla Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
How to describe this place in eight words; If you have a gun, get a bigger one. In one week, I personally saw ambulances taking 4 people out of the apartments on stretchers from stab/beating wounds as I left for work in the morning. One guy shot his mother-in-law while "cleaning" his pistol-bullets went through the wall and into her bedroom (rumor going around was that he was stoned/drunk). The Staff is apathetic beyond all belief, if you call them they don't pick up and if you show up at their offices- they'll want to schedule an appointment, via telephone..which of course, will never happen if they don't pick up. The closest thing I ever saw to action on the part of the staff was to evict the squatters who'd taken up residence in one of the larger apartments, after two weeks.. Two weeks of ever increasing amounts of homeless people, with some severe mental health issues walking around the apartment asking to paint my windshield or dust my windows, or other things that really made no sense when you actually listened to what they were asking. Half the ------ people living there had obviously never passed a driving test in their lives, their was plenty of parking space- unfortunately that was because those ------ dumbasses would just leave the cars "parked" in the entrance to the parking lot, thus blocking it off-when I asked one of them about this:"well how else am I going to get my car out of here?" (i.e. if he didnt block off the parking lot, someone else would). Noise is a big problem, I could not watch as my plates would literally shake from the volume of the rap being played but I could also hear my dysfunctional neighbors and their weird lives-The Asian dudes next door had an interesting conversation about one dude's sister ("she like -------, but with *male reproductive organs*") and the white guy who I suspect had a meth habit ("I am an assassin/ you don't know who you're messing with/ I have friends who are hit-men" and countless other phone threats). Of course, thats not even mentioning the occasional gunfire, usually in conjunction with the wall shaking rap-music. I thought this place would be a nice cheap apartment, instead I've had to acquire two rifles, two pistols, and shotgun just to feel safe. Honestly, if there's one thing that impresses me about this hellhole-it's how the place hasn't become totally depopulated. Technically, the staff has all sorts of rules.. but as the small homeless community incident proved- most of the interaction between the staff and tenants is the staff's answering machine filling up with pleas for help as the tenants are being raped or their otherwise harmed.
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Manzanilla Apartments

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