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Avignon Apartments

1375 West Valencia Drive, Fullerton, CA 92833
(19 Reviews)
$1,645 - $3,275/mo

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2.9 rating

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Resident 2024


Highly recommend living here!

Recently moved in with my fiance and so far, we love the place! A big shout out to Matt (wonderful property manager) and his maintenance team (immediate assistance with no hassle) for making this moving experience a great memory to share with friends and family.

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    Resident 2017 - 2019


    Terrible, water is extremely dirty and un-purified. Not professional, I had a door painted by the leasing office wether I approved or not. I was sleeping but the maintenance person kept unlocking the door without permission and without respect entering the apartment at his own will even after telling him to wait.

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      Resident 2019


      I've lived here almost 2 years in a huge 2 bedroom apartment. Everyone loves the farmer style kitchen sink. It's a beautiful place with great upkeep. The staff are friendly and respond promptly to calls or emails. The neighbors are nice. You get one shared garage parking spot and street parking, or you can purchase another uncovered spot for about $60 a month. The place is pet friendly. The maintenance staff come around promptly. There's a small gym, lots of bbqs and sitting areas, beautiful trees and grass, 2 covered and locked garbage disposals, and even a pet bath area. Only problems are some neighbors don't pick up after their pets, the hot water for shower takes a few mins to warm up, the pool needs to be cleaned more often, and that there is no jacuzzi. Oh, and no street parking available 8am to 12pm on Monday's. Also, if you count on street parking for your 2nd car you should get home before 6pm.

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        Resident 2011 - 2013


        This is a terrible place to live. Whoever has been writing reviews about how great this place is either 1) doesn't actually live there and for some reason wants to make the place seem better then it actually is or 2) works for the apartment company (which is more likely). The place is crawling with roaches. I deal with roaches more then twice and week and spend a lot of my time cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning; due to the disgusting bacteria roaches leave behind. There are also extremely loud tenants all throughout the day & NIGHT. Quite often the apartment is taken over by tenants yelling outside to one another; not caring for the courteously of other tenants. Almost all dryers in the complex don't dry like this should. I usually have to pay an extra amount to run my clothes through a second dry cycle. At least once a month someones unit falls apart, which results to other units either has their water turn off or pumping get completely backed up. The apartment manager is never in their office when you need to speak with them. 90% of the time you'll have a "be back at ___time" on the… See More>
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          Resident 2013


          Since I moved into this beautiful apartment complex, I have been amazed at how well the grounds and the apartments are very well kept up. It is close to businesses and shopping also. The families and children that I have met are wonderful and friendly. There is a school nearby with after school hours for working parents. The management is very helpful and they try to meet your every need. I would recommend anyone, young or old to come and see this property.

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            Resident 2011 - 2013


            The apartment grounds are very well kept, look nice. Convinent to the school for the kids.

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              Resident 2012 - 2013


              Good value for the space. On a budget we were just looking for a place that would maximize our dollar and space. I read other reviews and believe that the way you keep your home has alot to do with bug issues. I have had no bug issues and although it can get a bit noisy with the kids outside and parking a bit of a pain. I am happy with the value I am getting.

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                Resident 2009 - 2012


                Way Better!

                I've lived here for almost 3 years & have noticed that it's gotten WAY WAY better! They've been working to get out all the rowdy, rude neighbors. I feel a lot safer now. I'm a single mom & it's really important that I feel safe with my son.

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                  Resident 2010 - 2012


                  Great place to live

                  I have lived here for a little over a year and I am very happy. I have had no problems with bugs like I read in some of the reviews. My apartment is very spacious and quiet. I would definitely recommend living here.

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                    Resident 2010 - 2012


                    Great apartments & very affordable!

                    I've lived in the Marquis for almost 2 years now & haven't seen any bugs, or anything like the other reviewers have said they experienced. I love living here. I've never had a problem. The staff are always friendly & helpful and any issues that I've ever had have been fixed immediately. And the few neighbors I've spoken to about the community have said the same thing.

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                      Resident 2011


                      Bedbugs, Roaches, Maggots

                      These apartments are infested with bedbugs. Management contacted exterminator but fails to let me know everytime when they are coming out so that they DO NOT have to pay to solve problem. There are roaches everywhere. Also, maggots by the trash can for the last two months with nothing being done to clean them up. Everyone living in the apartment is afraid to be invicted so they do not stand up for themselves. It's a disgusting place to bring your children to.

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                        nasty place to call home

                        These apartments are infested with roaches and bedbugs for the rent they charge it is not worth it to live here. Don't move into these apartments unless you want to loose everything u have.

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                          Resident 2009 - 2011


                          HORRIBLE PLACE TO CALL HOME!!!!!

                          We have lived here for way too long! It is a complete nightmare. From neighbors who have no respest and blare thier music all the time to the cops being there everyday for someone who is a POS! I cannot wait to get the heck outta here! Plus you have 2 bathroom and when the toilet doesnt work you are told that it is not an emergancy

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                            Resident 2011


                            DONT MOVE IN TO THIS PLACE!!!!!!!@

                            This is not a place for normal hardworking people. If you love trashy dirty people who love to hang out and drink all night then this is the ace for you. We lived in this place for about a year and a half and had problems from the very beginning. On the day we were to move on the whole place smelled of mildrew and pee. Turns out that the occupants before us had a large dog that peed where ever he pleased. I had to actually fight to get them to replace the carpet instead of recleaning. The whole place is following apart and management is rude and unhelpful. The only time u will hear from them is when its time to pay rent. I'm so glad to be out of there. The apartment is so old that you can tell where every hole and ding can be seen in the walls. Take my advise and look somewhere else

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                              Resident 2009 - 2010


                              NIGHTMARE APTS!!!!!!!!!!

                              I moved in to this craphole a year ago. Both of my neighbors are crackheads, one is on welfare and parties all night. They keep trash and litter the balcony with cigarette butts and their trash. The other crackhead on the other side is on HUD and dumpster dives and prostitutes and rents her bathroom and bedroom out for her drug money. This place is a DUMP, I did not have a working heater for more than 2 months, I did nit have a mailbox or key for over a month, my toilet is ready to fall through the bathroom floor and the garages are falling down. Not to mention that this place is infested with roaches. It is the worst place I have EVER lived and it should be shut down and condemned by the city. The neighbors and the unattended kids make it even worse. DO NOT RENT HERE. There are also homeless people that sleep in the laundry rooms.

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                                Resident 2010


                                It is social place and pet friendly

                                It is loud here and there are kids playing. People tend to be outside talking until 2am. If you work and need to get up for work early, you will not like it here. But it is a pet friendly place and everyone is nice. If you are looking for a place where people don't socialize, then this is not for you. My suggestion is to close the windows and purchase a fan. But it is ok. Pool I don't swim in because it is not clean, ducks swim in it. But these are big apartments with a friendly pet policy. So if you are looking for big and pet friendly, this is your place.

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                                  Resident 2007 - 2008


                                  No way!

                                  Worst place ever! Lived there for a year. First, mgmt. was very unhelpful. Took 3 weeks to get a garbage disposal replaced and never got a mail key. Said it was "not their problem" because the boxes are owned by the post office. Roach infested inside my townhouse. Scarry turning the light on at night just to watch them scatter. Felt very unsafe at night. Was barely anyone in the complex who spoke English and the ones that did were dealers! Trash everywhere. Kids running around unattended all day and night. No security. Almost got jumped one night because I would not give a cigarette to minor by him and his "clique" as he put it. If you value your respectablity as well as your safety, there are hundreds of better places for less. Got charged $1495 for a total dump! It's been over 2 years and I still have not received any part of my deposit back and have never gotten any good answer as to why. Don't really care though. It's worth it just to get the heck outta there. I would have rather been homeless...and that is no lie!!

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                                    Resident 2007 - 2009


                                    FRIENDLY AND LOW COST APARTMENTS

                                    What we like about the Marquis is the staff is very friendly and willing to help. The office is always open and very busy. Diane is the manager, she will take the time to answer your questions. We had a leaky kitchen faucet and she called the maintenance man and he came to our apartment and fixed the sink immediately. The Marquis staff has been good to us. You will like it here too. The new manager has made this a good place to be.

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                                      Resident 2009


                                      Ongoing Problems...

                                      Kids everywhere! yelling, leaving trash everywhere! My family cant even sit down and enjoy dinner without having children yelling outside, ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAYS/GARAGES! BAREFOOT kids with their feet BLACK, where are these kids parents?? There's trash throughout the apartments, and Yes man! whoever wrote the last "review" was right, theres dog ---- all over the grass! which by the way didnt know i'd stepped in it till i walked in our place! - Guess who's gonna have to spend $$$ to clean it!!?? I just signed my lease. CANT WAIT TO LEAVE!!!

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                                        1 Bed, 1 Bath | 630 sq. ft.

                                        $1,645 - $1,765

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                                        1 Bed, 1 Bath | 700 sq. ft.

                                        $1,685 - $1,925

                                        1 Available Unit

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                                        2 Bedrooms


                                        2 Beds, 1 Bath | 900 sq. ft.

                                        $1,845 - $2,065

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                                        Features & Amenities

                                        • 24-Hour Laundry Facility
                                        • Garage
                                        • dog Allowed
                                          Deposit: $250. Rent: $50
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                                          More Info
                                        • cat Allowed
                                          Deposit: $250. Rent: $50
                                          Less Info
                                          More Info
                                        • 24-Hour Maintenance
                                        • BBQ and Picnic Area
                                        • Convenient to Downtown Fullerton
                                        • Convenient to Fullerton Colleges
                                        • Fitness Center
                                        • On-Site Management
                                        • Pet Wash Stations
                                        • Pool
                                        • Private and Gated Community
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                                        Avignon Apartment Homes in Fullerton, CA offers one, two, and three bedroom apartments for rent. Discover your newly renovated apartment home at Avignon Apartment Homes. Each apartment home is equipped with stainless steel appliances, sound tec urban flooring, dual pane windows, and more. Take advantage of our pet-friendly community amenities that we offer such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and a pet wash station. Our apartments for rent in Fullerton CA are conveniently located near downtown Fullerton, a variation of shopping stores, and more. Call and schedule a tour of Avignon Apartment Homes, and you'll see why our Fullerton apartments are the perfect home for you.
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                                        Office Hours

                                        • Sunday: Closed
                                        • Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
                                        • Saturday: Closed
                                        This community is managed by

                                        Advanced Management Company


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                                        Based on 19 number of votes by renters, Avignon Apartments is currently rated 2.9 out of 5 stars.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 5/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered excellent. The grounds are well kept and beautiful.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 5/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered excellent. The maintenance team is very responsive and effective in addressing issues.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 4/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered good. The noise level is generally tolerable, with occasional disruptions.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 5/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered excellent. The complex is very secure and safe, with no major safety concerns.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 5/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered excellent. The complex is located in a very desirable and safe neighborhood with convenient access to local attractions and services.
                                        Avignon Apartments is rated 5/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered excellent. The staff is extremely helpful and responsive to resident needs.
                                        Advanced Management Company
                                        dog Allowed
                                        Deposit: $250
                                        Rent: $50
                                        cat Allowed
                                        Deposit: $250
                                        Rent: $50
                                        1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                        2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                        2 Beds, 1.5 Baths
                                        3 Beds, 2.5 Baths
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                                        Avignon Apartments

                                        July 2024





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                                        Avignon Apartments is a 630 - 1,600 sq. ft. apartment in Fullerton in zip code 92833. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2.5 Baths, and is for rent for $1,645 - $3,275. Nearby cities include Placentia, Anaheim, Brea, La Habra, and Buena Park.

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