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Boondocker Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2010
Okay, first off, do not move here. They "reconstructed" the place but only from the outside of things. There is a horrible ant problem! Even if it's just fruit that you leave out. We had to buy Raid because maintanence didn't help. The maintenance man is rude but aside from that he goes into your apartment while you are sleeping at 7am when you explicitly tell management not to let him in. Management is so crappy and I could tear them apart into little pieces with words if I wanted to. There are always different people in that office, so when one tells you something and you try to confirm it no one else in there knows what you are talking about. They are so lazy and don't get things done and sometimes they even leave the office early! They have this deal with Southside Towing (I believe it's called) where they let them roam around the parking lot and any little parking mistake that you do, you pay over $300 dollars for. They don't ever warn you before they tow, they just tow! It's hard to get parking permits for unexpected family or friend visitations because they are never available on weekends! If you park in front of the apartments, next to the sidewalk, you get towed even though it doesn't have a "no parking sign"! I really believe they get a percentage of all the tows that get made because we weren't the only ones that got towed more than once. One was because they told us we didn't have to get new parking permits due to the fact that we were old residents and all of a sudden our car is missing. They do not warn you! They make you pay for your parking permits!!! They change their rules ALL THE TIME and expect you to always know what their deal is. They are just rude and not helpful at all. It is more of a college student living area so if you want peace and quiet, that is not the place to go! There are always young drunk, loud, and crazy people running up and down hallways and having parties. If you are into that scene then go for it lol. Security is more about towing cars then keeping the place safe. There were plenty of break-ins while I was living there.
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Boondocker Apartments

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