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Boondocker Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2007
Due to new management this place is getting re-modeled which is good. You can obviously see that previous owners just repainted exterior walls inside apartment, didnt really care about sanding it and preping the apartment like they should of. I guess you can say previous owners were tight with their money & did it the cheap way. The flooring is crapy because they used vinyl flooring. Outdated kitchen cabinets. Bathroom is out of date. The only thing thats new is the CARPET, VINYL FLOORING, GLASS SLIDING CLOSET DOOR & STOVE. This place needs alot of work. The bad thing about it is the Noise due to STUDENTS THAT ARE PARTYING & ACTING STUPID, THEFT, NO SECURITY. Anybody & everybody including students @ CSFU who dont live here parks here & takes our parking space. We also got a letter saying that they will "REMOVE SCREEN DOORS" which is used for our protection against theft since they have no security watch or cameras. Also having screen doors is great since it gets really HOT here the cool air comes through where we dont have use our AC to cool off the apartment. Also energy efficient & saves them alot of $$$$ for maintenance. Its easy to break in especially if ur living on the 1st. floor or any floor. Anybody could just break the door down. So my problem is if the screen door is coming off then we need sufficient SECURITY in this building. Are they gonna replace my "----" if it gets stolen, are they gonna pay for an alarm system for my apartment, are they gonna protect the people who lives here if something happens. They have 1 elevator. Thats also a problem. It hardly works & its small. Their are people who are wheelchair impaired or those who are moving in especially to the 3rd floor has to suffer bringing up their belongings. Especially when its a 4 complex, sad. They laundry room its NOT that great either. Its a great place to live if ur saving $$$ and starting out & if ur a student. The only thing thats great is the COST for a 1 & 2 BDRM, near to CSFU & FREEWAYS, SHOPPING PLAZAS, RESTURANTS, GAS STATIONS, GROCERY STORES.
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Boondocker Apartments

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