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Boondocker Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/15/2009
thank god our lease is up and we are moving in 2 weeks. we have endured this horrible place for almost a year now. we moved into our "remodeled" apartment thinking it was great. little did we know...this place effing sucks. our garbage disposal has broken 3 times. i'm tired of calling the maintenance guy because there is only one poor guy that they make do EVERYTHING. our a/c sounds like there is a rock bouncing around in it, so if we want to cool down our apartment we have to listen to the noise. 2 months ago our bathroom started mysteriously flooding and the maintenance guy could not figure it out, so they had to call a plumbing company to come rip out toilet out and jackhammer into the ground to fix it. we were out of a bathroom for 2 days..and they didnt even offer to put us in a hotel room, they left the model unlocked for us to use. LAME. I called the property manager, TAMMY (who is a major -----) to find out if they were going to compensate us for the inconvenience and was told "they're fixing it". i had to threaten to call corporate for her to even offer a hotel room. parking is not so bad, i don't know why you would get towed unless you are one of the annoying people who has 4 plus people living in your tiny apartment and has too many cars and no parking pass. the street outside is very annoying to drive down because all of the idiot CSUF students who don't have parking passes just sit with their car in the middle of the road waiting for a spot to open up. there has been constant construction on chapman, nutwood, and commonwealth the entire time we have lived here. the apartments are very old, with new paint, flooring, and cabinets slapped on to make them look new. you can hear your neighbors doing everything. the kitchen cabinets were not very well thought out, there is no drawer big enough for a silverware tray, the cupboards are hard to reach (i'm 5'5. no to sound super picky, but there is no medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and the bathroom only has one switch that controls the fan and light so you always have to have the fan on in the bathroom, which really annoys me. I think I'm just fed up with this place in general. Oh another thing...the dryers SUCK. its 75 cents for a cycle, which i do not think is a bad price, but it doesn't dry your clothes all the way!! there are also a handful of dumpster divers digging through the trash at any given time. so gross. i have never had trouble with the leasing people that work in the actual waterton office. they are all friendly and have always responded to my needs. its not their fault this complex sucks so bad...
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Boondocker Apartments

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