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La Costa Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2009
Lived in a two-bedroom, two bath apartment for a little over a year. Apartments are overpriced. They act as if they are "luxury" apartments, but they are just like anywhere else. Bad carpets, counter tops that stain too easily, paper-thin walls, very poor air circulation. The apartments charge for everything. Water, trash, sewer hook-ups. I have never had this happen before. Monthly charges come through a third party, and the bill you receive for these services is probably greater than a family of four receives for the same services. Overcharged for nothing. It's fraud. I moved and spent days cleaning up the apartment. Weeks after I left I received my refund check for my deposit. The management company kept $280. Although our keys were turned in through the mail slot in the office well before our move-out date, they charged us 1 days rent. They did this because no one had the brains to look in the mail slot...EVEN THOUGH WE TOLD THEM THE KEYS WERE GOING TO BE THERE. They also charged us $100 for clean-up. This is on an apartment that was scheduled to have a COMPLETE overhaul. They had been doing this to every apartment throughout the year. They were going to replace EVERYTHING....but they still ripped us off for $100 for cleaning nothing. And then the last $120 was for our water, trash, and sewer hook-up. That alone should tell you what a bunch of crap this is...total fraud. If you are looking for an apartment in the area pass this place up, and any others managed by Satellite Management.
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La Costa Apartments

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