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Las Palmas Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2014
They should change the name of this complex from Las Palmas to ------------. This year a number of units is being leased by one Company that sublets for a large number of --------------- this means that the office doesn't have a clue who is living in the units. I have seen 20 different people come and go with suitcases from one apartment and I don't feel safe anymore OK, call me paranoid but the things I see everyday are very unusual. Maybe I seen to many movies but you always hear in the news if you see something suspicious reported it could be something or it could be nothing but what I do know is that I feel I should let future residents know what they are getting themselves in to. When I see a large number of people driving rental cars for months at a time almost for a year , not working and not wanting their names to be on their leases it makes me very nervous. I really don't know who I am living close too. It could be a family man or it could be someone very dangerous that is hiding his name behind a company.
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Las Palmas Apartments

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