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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2015
UPDATE: ISSUE TOTALY RESOLVED. GREAT JOB. SUPER. I hate to write this, because except for this one thing, everything at Las Palms is off the charts good. This one thing happens to bother me a lot, though. Before I talk about that, know: 1. It's an expensive area. Las Palmas is, I don't know, maybe 15-17% more expensive than a lot of places here. The extra cost is worth it, because: 2. Gated, safe, most tenants are older/professional, doesn't seem like there are any students, quiet and peaceful and stable place. 3. Grounds and landscaping are amazing. Like living in a park (except you aren't homeless). Pool is like a hotel pool. Gym is as good as it gets for an apartment gym. 4. Very good staff. Professional and friendly and customer service is frankly incredible. I have never gone in to the leasing office without being offered a beverage and what appears to be genuine concern for my well-being. They'll do stuff like drop packages off to you, too. Maintenance staff is equally friendly and professional. Why I'm giving it two stars: I live on a ground floor unit. First month or so here, there were tenants above us, but they weren't loud. It was like they weren't there. Then there were a few months without anyone above us. A few months ago, someone moved in. Over the last month or two, things have gotten pretty noisy. Turns out the floors are pretty thin, which is something I never read on any other reviews of this place. Las Palmas is dog friendly, but the person upstairs happens to have a very large dog, and it runs around, and it sounds like a child running around. It howls for a few minutes, several times a day, it's like having a wolf in my apartment. Please don't feel I am exaggerating when I say, it's like someone is stomping around (the tenant), plus a child running around (the dog), for probably 25-30% of the time that I am in the apartment. I am in something of a "work from home" situation and I have to put headphones on during the daytime sometimes, because of this. Last night, the tenant apparently had some guests over, I would estimate 3-4 people, at least 1-2 females, yes, I could hear that well. It was noisy enough that around 10:30 pm I popped some sleeping pills, otherwise, it would have kept me awake. Now how this plays out going forward might restore my love of Las Palmas. I have made a few complaints to management, not the tenant himself (because I don't think I can do it in a non-confrontational way) and apparently those were relayed by management to the tenant. No change yet. One thing that did irk me was, management said to me, "we could think about putting you in a different unit." Without going in to too many details, I can tell you, I get to "take off" about one Saturday a month. I don't have time to change units. And I got here first, and I'm not the one disturbing someone else. Why should I have to move? Had I known this would happen, as it is right now, I would not have accepted a ground floor unit. If an upper floor unit had not been available, I likely would have gone somewhere else. If you are considering accepting a ground floor unit here, while you probably can't predict what type of behavior the tenant above you will display, at least ask if they have a large dog. If they do, prepare to hear it running around, all the time. If this gets worked out in some way favorable to me, I would totally rate this place 5 stars.
Las Palmas Apartments Manager12/14/2015

Bill, thank you for your honest review of our community. Please know that we are disappointed to hear we have not been able to resolve these disturbances. At Las Palmas we are dedicated to offering all of our Residents the most enjoyable experience possible; please allow us the opportunity make things right in your home. At your earliest convenience, please contact our Leasing Office at 714-870-4567 so we can gather more information in order to rectify these disturbances. Thank you for your Residency, The Las Palmas Management Team

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